Who Invented the Hand Saw?

Handsaw is one of the most popular and working tools and it is usually used in woodworking. A handsaw is a primitive wood cutting tool. Historically, the metal hand saw is invented in Egypt from around 1500 B.C. The ancient Mesopotamians are invented hand saws. In the south region of France, discovered hand saw made from flints. A large number of hand saws is invented in Europe made from stones.

Who Invented the Hand Saw?

Historically we know the first-hand saw was invented in 1500 B.C in Egypt. According to the Chinese history, the hand saw was invented by lu ban. he invented the hand saw first in china. In Greek mythology, as describe by Ovid, Talos and the nephew of Daedalus invented hand saw in greek.

Invention History of Hand Saw

Handsaw invented history is ancient. Historically, we believe that first hand saw is invented Egypt from 1500 B.C . here I describe the invention of hand saw in different region:

Before Christ(B.C): a metal hand saw is invented in 1500 B.C in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians are first to use a metal hand saw.

The Jomon period(14000-300 B.C): in the people of jomon period jomon peoples are used fish bones and sharp stones to cut meat and vegetables.

The yayoi period(300 B.C to 250 A.D): In yayoi period the iron are discovered. And that’s why more saw are made instead of stones. Due to this big change most tools shift iron from stones.

The kofun period(250-538): The first saw is invented this century. Dozones of hand saw is invented in this century. This saw is used to sharpening file to make accessories and it is not for use cutting wood.

The asuka, nara period(538-794): Buddhism came in japan in 6th century. It creates a great impact in wood cutting tools. Before come Buddhist in japan woodworking saw of japan are cut saws. Rip cut saws are introduced Muromachi period.

The muromachi period(1336-1573): In the mid time of 15 century OGA is a rip cut saw introduced as a first big saw.

The azuchi, mamoyama period: During the mamoyama period the demand of architecture increased dramatically to the beginning of EDO period. The main reason of architecture's demand is the increasing number of castles and their surrounding towns. However, different types of saw were invented in this period like oga,kagari and maebiki.

The edo period(1603-1868): In the edo period, various types of the saw were invented for different use purposes.

The Meiji period(1868-1912): When comes a western influence in the architecture field it is exactly edo period to meiji period. Rip cut double edges saw and cross cut saw on the other become popular around the end of meiji period.

The taisho period(1912-1926): Hand made saw are become very popular from taisho period to the showa period.

The showa period:(1926-1989): In this period, hand made saw is gradually sifted to mass produced saw with a replaceable blade.

The heisi period:(1989-present): Heisi period is the modern hand saw period. The japaneas hand saw is well known as all over the world.

The heisi period(2019-present): Time change and tolls are being updated the japaneas saw are more recognized around the world.

 What is hand saw

A Hand saw is one kind of sharp material that is naturally used for cut wood or timber. It is an essential tool. Using it we can be cut anything as wood or something. From the started day to the present day, it has changed in many types.  Day by day it has become a user-friendly tool.  It is very easy to carry. People can carry it easily when they went their workplace. We see in the market that has many different types are available now.

Why was the hand saw invented

  When started to make hand saw it was used as a sharp file to make some accessories. At that time people did not use a hand saw to cut the wood or anything. They used it as a tool.  After a long time, people thought to use it to cut wood or something. They started to use it as mechanical tools. Nowadays, it becomes a very necessary tool for everybody. It gets much change than the previous hand saw.  At present time the manufactured company made it in small so that people can use it easily. 

 Types of hand saw

 If we research about hand saws, we can find many types of hand saw. Those are used for different work. Let's start to discuss that.

  • Hack Saw: Generally, this type of saw is used to cut metal. It has a thin blade. Using it we can cut some substance as metal pipes and plastics. If we want to cut anything else, then the blade will be damaged. So, we have to remember that. The size of this blade is nineteen to thirty-two teeth per inch.
  • Coping saw: It is another type of hand saw that has a thin and secured blade. Basically, it is used for cut curving style. The blade of the coping saw is little and narrow. The size is fifteen to seventeen teeth per inch in the saw. It is very lightweight.
  • Crosscut saw: It is normally used for cutting the piece of wood. Using it we can rough cut in any wood. The blade is strong more than the previous saw. The blade has large teeth. We can easily use it to cut a piece of wood.
  • Bow cut saw: It is a new type of hand saw. Peoples say that it is a modern version of a crosscut saw. It is long and narrow in shape.
  • Fret Saw: This saw is also used for curving cuts. Generally, it was made for complete the complex work. There are 32 teeth per inch in this saw.

  • Japanese Saw: It was manufactured in Japan. It is very strong and has a narrow blade. Basically, it was designed for a cut on the pull motion. People can use it for a clear and narrow cut.

  • Rip-Cut Saw: Everybody has owned this type of hand saw because it is a common hand. Normally, it is used to cut words. It has a blade that has dome teeth per inch. Using it people can cut into parallel.
  • Back Saw: It was used for extra cutting. People can cut easily with this saw because it has fine teeth and narrow blades. Using it people can cut anything without force more effort.
  • Pruning Saw: It was manufactured to use pruning trees in the garden, it has a long handle that is a comfort to hold, and has a sharp blade.
  • Wear a safety dress and mask: We can use a safety mask and wear a safety dress before starting work with a hand saw.
  •  Use a tool of the correct size:  When we are starting work we have to select the correct size of the hand saw. If we starting to work with a big or so small hand saw then we cannot work properly. So, we just have to select the correct size. 
  • Check hand saw before every use: we must have check hand saw before starting work.  It will be mandatory for all workers. If we check it regularly then we can work safely. It will be good practice for workers. 
  • Check Material for Nails: We must have to check material for nails. It is a safety issue for everybody. 
  • Never Test Sharpness with Hands: We have to always care about that. Never test the sharpness with naked hands. This is very risky for everybody. We must remember it for our safety. Otherwise it can cause an accident. 
  • Start Slowly: When we are starting our work, then we have to start slowly.  It is better for everyone. If we are starting very quickly it is not good for us. It can cause an accident or can be injured at any time.
  • Ensure that the Material is Kept Firmly in Place: We have to ensure that the material is kept firmly in right place. It is very important for us. We must ensure that for avoiding any injury. When we are going to start our work we have to hold the correct side of the saw. Otherwise, it is very harmful for us.  After work, we have to wear the grooves of the hand saw. 
  • Keep the Hand Saw Clean: We have to clean the hand saw regularly after work. It is important for work properly. If we are not keeping clean the hand saw, we cannot work perfectly. To work perfectly we must keep clean the saw. To protect the damage we have to keep clean it regularly. 
  • Store in a Safe Place: After finishing work we must store our hand saw in a safe place where will not reach our children. It is very important for us. It is a sharpness tool. So, we have to store it in an enclosed place. 
  • Use Full-Length Strokes Directed Away from Your Body: When we are working, we have to must ensure that the hand saw is away from our body.  We have to stay away from the hand saw in working time. Otherwise can cause an accident. 
  • Hold the handle strongly: We have to hold the handle strongly. It is better for us. When we are going to start our work, then we have to hold the handle strongly. Otherwise, we cannot cut the wood perfectly. If we are not holding the handle strongly, we will be injured at any time.

All the steps are most necessary for us. We must follow those steps to keep us safe.

Who Invented the Hand Saw

Who Invented the Hand Saw

Types of Saw and Its Invention History

Circuler saw: The circuler saw is generally used in sawmills to cut wood but it has a versatile use like a cement block, tiles, bricks and cut concretes.

Invention history: The use of circular saw is prehistoric times. However, the information and reliability are not concrete. Firstly we know Tabitha babbitt is most commonly known as the inventor of circular saws. And then Walter Taylor, Samuel miller,Edmond Michel and Raymond DeWalt invent it and upgrade its features.

Table saw: A table saw is a flexible woodworking tool that is commonly used in every artisan. If you are passionate to woodworking work you must have use a table saw. And it is an essential tools for a carpenter.

Invention history: In 1878 when it is fascinating. In Rockford, w.r and John's barren invented table saw. he creates it by using a saw which is controlled by a treadle padel like to the old sweing machines.

Chainsaws: A chain saw is mainly used for tree cutting. At present, people use cutting trees in chain saw.

Invention history: Chain saw is invented in Scotland by dr john Aitken and James Jeffry. The two scotiss surgeons with credited to inventing Chinese saw in 1780s.

Jig saw: Jig saw is used to cut irregular curves such as stenciled designs in wood, metal and materials. Jig saw is first used in 19th century.

Invention history: In 1946 Albert kaufmann the engineer of ag company switzerland invented the jig saw. He invented jig saw by his wife sewing machine. He replaced his wife sewing machine with a saw blade.

Crosscut saw: Crosscut saw is used to cutting wood. Many cross cut saws a wood handle and the large saw is used for cutting tree and logging work which is suitable for one man and two man.

Invention History: The crosscut saw is invented in th middle of 15th century in europe.early saw was developed in 15 century in south Germany.

Two man saw: which saw is desgin for two sawers is called two man saw. There is two handles in two edges one pull it and one push it and it is usually used for cutting big trees.

Invention history: Two men saw is firstly invented by Romans, but first become common in europe in the mid 15th century. In America, two men saw are starting used in 17th century.

Final Thoughts

Hand saw is an important tools in carpentry work. Beforehand saw invention people are dependent in axe. But hand saw made our work easier than before. Historically, it is known that hand saw is first discovered in ancient Egypt. And then the Chinese lu ban are invented hand saw in china. In Greek mythology, Talos invented hand saw in greek. From B.C TO NOW hand saw has been upgrading and comes with new features to easy our lives. In a word, we can say hand saw is an essential tool for everyone.

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