What Size of Motor Pulley Need for Delta Contractor Saw?

Delta contractor saw is the oldest and well-equipped saw which is used to cut many things including wood, metal, and plastic. It is an automatic saw which is running by electricity. It has a motor inside it and all of its powers are generated from there. So now let`s know about the motor pulley of the delta contractor saw.

What is a Motor Pulley?

It is a type of wheel which is used for helping several devices of the car or vehicle, as music and air condition system. It is now used in delta contractor saw to give enough power to it.

The serpentine belt is which runs from the various pulleys to engine timing. In the past several balls were used. From them, one ball was included with the engine. Motor pullers are now used for many things, such as the strength and power of the product. But their prices are high because of their expensive parts. Motor pulleys always work with shape. It always tensioned the engine. It is an adjustable material. The pullers are made of metals and create high voltage inside the engineering sector. It is a huge thing in size. It is enough efficient and never wasted material. But if it got the breakdown for once it will create a huge problem for the engine. For this breakdown, the motor puller can`t move. It has a disadvantage of our weight. But it has also an advantage. It has a belt.

Delta Contractor Saw

In 1919in Herb Tavtz garage delta was invented. In 1923 they sold it to Delta Specialty co. Then they started to make tools that can turn and curve wood. They got success when they started manufacturing the first-meter saw. In 1945, Rockwell manufacturing bought this and changed its name to Delta Power tool. In early 2000, they invented more than twenty new products which included new technologies in it.

What kind of saw manufactured by Delta

There is various kind of table saw in the manufactured delta. Some of them are portable and others are not. The portable delta saw is easy to use. You can move anywhere with it. They have a huge workspace but they have some works to do. Delta always works in the small range. They have an aluminum top. But they have enough durability. It is pretty lightweight. It is also less in price. It is a good option which can be used in little shops. It can be moved anywhere at any time. The motor of these things hangs on the saw.

There is another type of table saw is made by delta and that is the contractor table. They are not portable. They have less weight than the maximum saw and they are easy to use. Contractor tables are easy to use. Has an on/off switch and you can get to it very easily. So at an emergency time, you can easily turn off your machinery. They have a good worktable which has a better surface. And it is suitable for working.


There are some unique specifications for delta contractor saw. They are:

  • 15amp motor: This type of motor is good for use and easy to handle. They have durability and can last for a long time.
  • Cast iron workplace: This is one kind of iron that is made of pig iron. It has a low temperature with melting.
  • Handling bad surfaces: It can handle bad surfaces and wood. You can cut any kind of wood by this.
  • Size of blades: It has a 10” blade which is easy to use and its durability is good. They have sharp teeth in them.
  • Sizes: They have a 30” rip capability and a 15” wide range of sizes.
  • Tubular Stand: It is one kind of stand which is made of cylindrical materials. It will help you from hot temperatures.
  • Length: It has 27.13 L * 20.24 W
  • It has a bevel lock and it`s included a wheel which is used for moving height.
  • All delta contractor table brands are using the addition of their series Contractor saw series.
  • It is not portable for use.

Some models of Motor pulley using in saw

  • SL
  • Product Name
  • Price
  • 1
  • Motor pulley 34-444
  • 25$
  • 2
  • Whirlpool 6-2008160
  • 22.05$
  • 3
  • W10136930 OEM motor pulley
  • 39.95$
  • 4
  • Cast iron electric motor pulley
  • 36.95$
  • 5
  • 80166184 motor pulley
  • 15$
  • 6
  • Whirlpool washer motor pulley W10315818
  • 7$
  • 7
  • EMCO motor UNIMAT 3
  • 18$
  • 8
  • 8066184 Whirlpool Maytag motor pulley
  • 6.45
  • 9
  • Frigidaire 5304511358 motor pulley
  • 32.35
  • 10
  • Chicago die cast 400A motor pulley
  • 16.95

What sizes of motor pulley needed for delta contractor saw

There are different sizes of motor pulley available in the market. They are uses in different machines according to their need. But there are some specific rules for understanding the motor pulley size. In delta contractor saw, motor pulley needed for various reasons. And the size of it depends on the need and size of the delta saw. As you have a 10” delta saw and the engine then you’ll need 1.5hp and 120v motor in the motor pulley. Then it can cover it easily. For a 15” delta saw you will need 2.25hp and 180v motor for smooth work. For a 36” delta saw you need a bigger amount of motor and a lot of hp. And for that, you need a 5.4hp and 288v motor.

Why should we use a motor pulley

We should use it because the motor pulley has crucial things that can help saws to work perfectly. It has a mechanical advantage that will give you enough power to uplifting and cut wood very easily. So for that, you can cut big wood or other materials by saws easily. Then it can work as a silent machine. You will never realize a motor pulley is included in your engine because of it. It will support you in long run. You can use it perfectly and never give extra load to the engine. You will get perfect and long-lasting performance from it. It is very cheap. You can use it very easily because it is available everywhere. And also you need any kind of lubrication for it.

Why should we use delta contractor saw

We can use a delta contractor saw it is an electric saw which is very comfortable and easy to use. It has a good workplace and enough space for woodcutting. It is heavy, an average of 220 pounds. It will not lose its accuracy for a long time. It has a good engine which is very long-lasting and enough sustainable. You can use it in many places, like in industries, stores, and shops. But it is not portable. So you cannot move it everywhere. It has a large switch on/off-board with a board of blade power cutting. So in an emergency position, you can easily cut it. It is a good choice for woods and other materials. But you need to realize that you cannot put overpower into it. You cannot put any type of materials in it.

Final Words

 At the end, in this article, we try to give you enough information about our today`s topic “what size of motor pulley we should use for delta contractor saws?” we get a lot of information there. If you are interested to insert a motor pulley in your saw then you can read this article properly. We hope you will get enough information here. We always collect our information from our market analyzing team and customers. So we hope that this article will fulfill your desire.


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