What Kind Of Hand Saw Cuts Metal?

In the market, so many types of hand saw we can see. Some of them are for cutting wood and some are for cutting metal. Their blades are not the same. Their structures are not the same. At first, people use a hand saw to cut wood.  At present time people are used the hand saw to cut metal. It is become easy to cut metal with a hand saw. We can also cut metal with an electric hand saw. When we use an electric hand saw to cut metal it saves my time. Does everybody want to know that what kind of hand saw cuts metal? In this topic, we are discussing about it.

What Kind Of Hand Saw Cuts Metal

Day by day, people are going to be modern. They want to use all modern think. So that they are using a hand saw for cutting metal in a short time. The name of these hand saws is hack saw. It is a familiar hand saw which is used by everybody for cut metal. The hack saw is rigid and the frame is C-shaped which is connected by a pistol grip handle.  We can also use a electric hand saw for cuts metal. We can cut early to using it. We can find different sizes and designs of hack saw in the market. So, we can fairly choose among them for cuts metal.

How to Use a Hacksaw

 We can use a hacksaw like a normal hand saw which can be used easily at any time. We have to choose first that what kind of metal are we want to cut.  After that, we select our blade and set it in the saw. When we are starting to cut the metal, we have to set the hack saw over the metal. We have to move the hack saw back and forth with the medium pressure. When we do it continuously at a time it will be cut. In this way, we can cut metal.

Types of Hacksaw

People are used in 3 types of hacksaw.

  • Straight handle: It is one kind of hacksaw. People cannot comfort to use it. The handle of this hacksaw is straight so that we cannot hold and pressure perfectly.  But most people used it regularly.  
  • Pistol grip handle: The handle of this saw is pistol shape. It is a comfort to use. We can hold it perfectly. People can hold the handle firmly.  People can give all their physical effort when they use it to cut.
  • Wood saw handle: It is easy to use more than the straight handle. The handle is made of wood.

All types are not used commonly.  Generally, people have used the wood handle and pistol grip handle. We think that pistol grip handles are more comfortable than straight handles and wood saw for use.

Do all Hacksaw Blades Cut Metal

 Yes, all hacksaw blades are made for cut metals, but It totally depends on the metal type. We have to choose a blade to see the metal. There are several types of blades are in the market. Using these blades we can easily cut any type of metal. We can change the blades in a short time.  The blades are selected to see their teeth per inch. If we want to cut a heavy metal then we will be set the suitable type of blade in the frame. Blades are made strong. It will not break down when we try to cut metal.  We can use easily cut any type of metal or steel.

Can You Cut Through Metal With a Hand Saw

I can cut metal with a hand saw. The oldest hand was used for cut wood or something but the modern hand saws are manufactured with very high quality.  I can use a hacksaw which can be used with hand. It is made of strong materials. We can cut metal very quickly. In the present day, hacksaw has become most popular.

  Everybody commonly used it. We know there are several types of a handsaw.  We cannot cut metal by using all types of hand saws. We can use some hand saw to cut metal. When we do research over a hand saw we can find different types of hand saw that we can use to cut metal.

What is the Best Hacksaw For Cutting Metal

We have to select the best hacksaw for cutting metal. We think LENOX is the best hacksaw for cutting metal. It is generally used in I-beam construction to cut metal.  The size of the blade is 12-inch.  It is manufactured by a durable frame. It is more secure than any other saw. For this reason, people like to use it. The weight of LENOX is 1.6 pounds that are not so heavy for work and carry.  It is mainly 24 teeth per inch. It is user friendly. It is attached under the frame with some pins. So that people can easily use it to cut metal. 

Can a Hacksaw Cut Hardened Steel

A hacksaw can cut hardened steel. Cutting hardened steel is can be more laborious and sometimes we have to go more dangerous way.  We have to find out which methods are the best for cutting hardened metal?  We can save our time, energy and can stay safe on working time.  It is important to follow some steps that are safe for us.  These steps are given below.

  •  At first, we have to think about the whole process and can be select an efficient technique.  We have also think about that how much time I will spend on these. At last, we have to plan about the money that will have to spend for complete all task.
  • Before starting to work, we must ensure about our safety. We can use safety gloves and goggles. It is mandatory for all the works. When we cut hardened steel we must use wear safety eye protection and also wear hand protection.
  •   We can produce heat over the steel to become a white color using a propane torch. When it has become white hot color then we can use some materials for doing reshape before it becomes cool.  We can cut the steel using a high temperature cutting torch if it is large.
  •  If the steel is very hard, we have to choose a fine blade for a clear cut.
  • We have to give much effort to cut the steel. 
  • We have to ensure that the teeth of the blade away from the user. The teeth of the blade are designed to cut in one direction.
  • We can use a small bench to keep the steel. After that, we have to hold the saw tightly. It helps us to clear cut.
  • Hold the saw tightly with both hands.  We can hold both sides of a hacksaw. It was designed to be used that way.

What is the Best Hacksaw Blade For Cutting Metal

The blade of a hand saw is the most important thing because it is the only material that can cut the metal. The type of blades we select depends on the type of metal we cut. So, we have to select what kind of metal we want to cut? after that we can select the right blade of a hand saw.

 If we want to cut heavy metal or pipe, then we will have to choose a blade that has 18 teeth per inch. We can select the blade which has 32 teeth per inch to cut a light weight metal or pipe.  We can also use that blade that has 24 teeth for cut medium metal.  Depending on metal we can select the best hack saw blade for cutting metal.

Electric Hand Saw

Using a circular saw we can cut metal. It is easier and saves time than any other hand saw. We can cut metal instantly without any physical effort. It is a plus point for everybody.  It is run by electricity. Before using it we have to know How to operate a circular hand saw? It increases our cost. When we use that we can complete our work quickly, but we have to pay more extra for electricity. It is portable. We can use it friendly. We can take it to our workplace to cut metal. We can produce a clear cut. Before cut any metal we have to check the metal and blades to ensure that the blade is suitable for cutting the metal. It is mandatory before starting our work.

 Final Word

In this topic we discussed about a hand saw that is used for metal cut. We can know about the main topic what kind of hand saw cuts metal?

We can know about the best hand saw for a metal cut.  We also can know about all the types of handsaw blades. Now we can select the suitable hand saw for cuts metal. We know about the electric hand saw which is used for cut metal.

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