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If you are a professional woodworker, then you must be looking for a good and comfy planer. So, did you identify your needs and requirements that will make your work easier and more perfect?

Here if you put a “yes” in your answer, then you will be happy to see this article more than anything. We are providing the best solution for you. Wen 6552 planer is the best choice for a professional woodworker.

It has all the features that you need, and I can assure you that you will not find all these features anywhere else.

A simple work tool that can please you by providing all the specifications you are looking for is without any hesitation, a perfect option to grab. With this planer, you will not have to take any supplemental training.

It will solely serve to do your best in your professional field. It is an exceptional thickness planar with all the amazing specifications, features, and gestures. It will make it possible to transform uneven pieces of wood to smooth boards of perfect thickness, and there will be no need for blood, sweat, or tough work.

So, let’s focus on the features and specifications I am talking about, you must be eager to know more about this excellent helpful tool. Here I am trying to provide a genuine WEN 6552 review for beginners.

Wen 6552 Planer Review

WEN 6552 Features

I am pretty sure that you are looking for a powerful motor that helps you to keep your shop neat and clean with great output. Wen 6552 will serve you with cleaning several pieces of wood within a very short time, so you are saving your time with it.

Besides, the thickness of the blades makes the planar enable them to work efficiently. It gives the best finish that every woodworker looks for.

Another thing is it has a large table of about 13 inches. The tables support long pieces of the wood board. The tables are so smooth that they ensure smooth and fine quality wood products.

Moreover, the planar has a fan dust port that helps to collect all the dust, so there is very little possibility of spreading the dust.

Additional Features

It has a double roller, an adjustable rubber handle, reversible blades, removable gauge, etc. These will make your work more comfortable for sure. It also offers operational customer service, so if you face any problem, you can just call them.

They will respond immediately to your inquiries. You will get two years of warranty. It is undoubtedly an advantage of buying it.

It is a high class planar that any serious and professional woodworker will find worthy. WEN is offering what no other planar can offer.

Wen 6552 Planer Review


Its width is 13 inches that can handle approximately 12.4-inch board-like materials without any strain and pressure. So maybe you guess why it is one of the best planers in the worldwide market. It has amazing thickness resulting in an efficient output of work.

This planer comes with an adjustable rubber handle that offers such comfort while handling the equipment that you are looking for. This rubber handle is adjustable so you can set this according to your need for perfect working positions.

As I said before, it has a fan in the dust port. It also has a fan ejected port. For getting a clean and dust-free workplace, this thing is a must. It will make your cleaning easier. It is no load RPM is 8500; also, cuts per minute are 25500, which is one of the best attractions of this planer.

Besides, it is very comfortable to handle as it doesn’t have a heavyweight. Its weight is 77 pounds. When its maximum stock thickness is 6 inches. With three blades in the cutter-head, the WEN 6552 review produces a very nice surface finish.

It minimizes the time and effort needed to get as smooth a finish as possible. Even this is not the last the three-blade feature allows you to turn these around to extend their lifespan.

So, you will be able to enjoy sharp quality cuts over a very long period.



WEN 6552 planer Power & Motor.

Wen 6552 is an excellent thickness planer with a very powerful motor. This motor can cut 25500 pieces per minute. It is a heavy-duty motor that enables the machine to work for a long time without having rest.

This motor has a higher cut-rate. It’s a 15-amp motor. This is the largest motor among all the planers currently available in the market. It fulfills all the requirements that a professional woodworker need.

Working Speed.

The motor of WEN 6552 can rotate at a super rate. It rotates the device head of up to 10,000 per minute. So, with this amazing speed, the planer can shave any wood at no time.

Now imagine combining the speed with its three blades. The speed will rise to 25500 rates per minute with its three-blade power. No other planer in the market can offer such an exclusive speed power with this rate.

One thing, the speed of WEN 6552, is determined by the feed rate that ensures accuracy while working

Triple knife blade.

If you have two options while choosing your planer, one is with a double blade and another with the triple-blade, then which one will you choose?

Triple blade for sure! Exactly, a planer that features a triple blade is surely better than any planer with a double blade. The WEN 6552 has a three-blade cutter head that ensures more cuts produced per rotation.

This feature gives high planer value and higher efficiency as it results in more cuts than any other planer available in the worldwide market.

These knives offer a better edge, smooth finish, and accuracy. Even you can place these blades upside down for ensuring better cuts.

Tables with the desired width.​

The WEN 6652 provides very nice tables. All the tables are with 13-inch width that can accommodate 12.4-inch wood or other materials.

Other planers in the present market are not providing tables with this much width. These tables are so smooth that they allow smooth travel of the wood piece on the surface.

They can hold longer wood pieces. These tables are one of the most attractive features of WEN 6552. They take part to make your work easier, more comfortable, and accurate. With the WEN tables, you can enjoy the maximum smoothness of your work.


The WEN 6552 has double rollers. The rollers ensure the best position on the board. These rollers make sure that the board is not affected by the snipe.

The rollers can control the snipes so swiftly that you don’t need to worry about the snipes. The rollers can minimize them all. The double rollers maximize the lifespan of the board and also maximize the lifespan of the planer.

Dust Collector.

Are you worried about spreading dust in your workplace? We know how much a dirty workplace can destroy the peace of working.

The WEN 6552 offers a fan in the dust port that keeps your work environment neat and clean. The fan pushes all the dust particles in one corner of the room so that you will be able to keep the place so easily.

The fan works as a dust collector. It will help you with saving time for cleaning. The dust port is a 2-inch port that gives a perfect feature to clean the dust and keep a nice working place.

So when you can have a WEN 6552 as your thickness planer, you will not have to worry about dust and debris. This tool will make your work so easier that you could not even imagine.

Well-built body and the portable design of WEN 6552.

In most of the WEN 6552 reviews, customers are praising this planer for its well-built condition. The machine is very well built.

It has a quality finish that enables it to give a super performance. This planer has different popularity among the woodworkers for its great built quality.

It can surprisingly cope with the roughest and toughest woods. It has high durability and long-lasting life. You will not have to worry about its damage or spoil over the years to years.

It doesn’t get wicked so easily. Also, you need not worry about the machine moving around. The machine has very lightweight that it can be an ideal planer for any woodworker.

Sometimes this lightweight can cause the downfall of a power tool, but gratefully, the WEN 6552 is designed with a heavy-duty cast iron base. That helps it to overcome this issue, also increases the longevity of the machine.

When you are looking for a planer that is very well built but portable and offers durability as well, WEN 6552 is the best option that you should grab without second thinking.

Benefits of using WEN 6552 Planer Review.

WEN 6552, a thickness planer is one of the best machines in the worldwide market. It offers all the things a professional woodworker requires. Besides, it is a multipurpose machine.

It can help you to shave the wood pieces and to clean your workplace with the same efficiency. So, it is serving two purposes at the same time.

It provides the facility of enjoying work with wide boards. The wide board removable gauge can inform you about every cut of the shaving edge.

There are double rollers in the WEN 6552 that control the spice from damaging your board. So, you don’t need to worry about the proper health of the boards. The machine own self is taking care of it.

The triple blades offer better cuts per minute. They ensure more speed and smooth work. WEN 6552 is designed with high efficiency.

This planer has large tables that can accommodate large and width piece of wood. Not only this, but the tables will also ensure the smoothness of your wood.

It has a super powerful motor that is not comparable with any of the benchtop planers. Its motor is the best part of its feature. It can save time and provide more speed with strong efficiency.

It will offer you durability, portability, longevity, high built quality. So, you are having a lot of required options in one thickness planer.

Frequently Asked Questions.

In the worldwide market, no planer can offer what WEN 6552 is offering to the professional woodworkers.

For any type of wood piece, this tool is the perfect solution. It has a very powerful motor, three knives, and a dust port. Those are really attractive features comparing to any other planer.

According to WEN 6552 reviews of the customers, it is considered as the best planer in the market.

For a woodworker, an electric planer is a must. An electric planer can serve different purposes. Sometimes a woodworker works with rough surfaces. An electric planer can be used to make smooth uneven edges.

The door edge is another place to use an electric planer. If you want to remove the edges from the door, you need to use an electric planer. An electric planer can shave the surface and make it smooth and perfect. We use different types of furniture in our home. 

The furniture edges need to smooth and accurate. Not only edges, but their wood surface also needs to shave with an electric planer. Electric planers are used to make furniture.

A professional woodworker needs to be more particular about his thickness planer. It is a very necessary tool for his work.

For better performance, you should choose a longboard with at least a 12-inch width. It will make sure that you will be able to handle wide materials.

Choosing a good brand is equally important. By choosing a well-branded planer, you can enjoy fine built quality, portability, durability, comfort, and all the other things you need in your desired planer.

Price is another thing to consider. Make sure your money has the best output. Compare the price with the planer quality. 

Then you may decide to buy it. Get the best product with your budget, and be sure that it will give you value for the money. Observe all the features. Your requirements should be formally decided so that you will be able to decide to have a look at the features.

WEN is one of the top brands for planers and nailers. Though the company manufactures a wide range of other power tools, Acceptance of their planers has reached a very high level that people can keep faith in their tools without a doubt.

If you compare their user reviews with other companies, you will find a clear difference among them. Most of the users think their tools and very well built and reliable.

A noteworthy and significant point is their customer objection rate is very low. You can rarely find one or two complain about their planers and nailers.

Trying my WEN Planer Model 6552

WEN 6552T is a planer that helps to create the surface of the wood thicker and plane to use. As the wood has some rough edges in it, this machine can easily create them smooth and plain. It is a very demanding and important machine for the sawmill. Smoothing or making the wood piece plain by hand is a very timely work. But this machine takes just a few minutes to smooth and plane the wood. Let’s talk about the machine in a brief below:

The WEN 6552T is a 13 inc 3 blade benchtop thickness planner. This planer is perfect for those woodworking projects, which are demanded and famous in the market. It helps to make the wood more smooth and give it a thick texture. It has a motor in it which has the power of 15 amp. This machine can generate almost 25000 cuts at a minute. It also has a feed rate of 26 meters in each minute. There is a feature that is, it shows the rate through the planning gauge of how much material has been used to plan during each pass. The adjuster of the machine helps to access the piece of wood easily through it. There is a dust port in it, which helps to remove the sawdust and wood peel around the machine by using the fan. There is an adjustable height infeed and outfeed for tables in the packaging which helps to limit the snipe for providing extra support and performance while planning. It is very easy to use and operate for work too. just make some drills on the surface or the table where you want to place the planer. Place the planer in the drilled holes by using nails or nuts. Plugin the cord in the electric board and your machine is ready to go. The machine has the capacity of planing the wood up to 6 inches in length and 13 inches in width. The rubber-made grip adjustment crank is perfect enough to move it or placing it easily. Though we have talked about some of the specifications below, let’s give a total and detailed specification below:

Model Number: 6552. 6552T Motor contains 120V, 60 Hz, 15A with the number of Blades 3 Blades. The Cutterhead Speed of 8,500 RPM which Cuts 25,500  Per Minute. Feed Rate of 26 FPM with the max Depth of Cut 3/32 in. used for workpiece under 6 in the wide 1/32 in. For workpiece over 6 in. wide. The table size of 13-1/4 in. x 9-1/2 in. The extension Table Size of 13-1/4 in. x 7-1/2 in. Base Size 21-3/4 in. x 12-1/2 in. max Workpiece Width 13 in. Max Workpiece Thickness 6 in. The total weight of this machine is 66 pounds.

This thick planer is more perfect and usable than any other branded planer. It has 3 separate blades in it which helps to produce more power than the other ones. Besides, it can cut more amount compared to the other branded planers. As a well-known and trusted brand, it has better durability too. The powerful motor of 15 amp can run faster than the others. There is no chance of getting the machine or the area dusty from the sawdust and chips. Because the fun of the planer throws away all the dust from the machine. The heavy dust cast iron base of the planer helps to keep stable and perfect at the same position. The adjustment knob with the handy system helps to each of the passes from anywhere with the rate of 0 in. to 3/32 in of the arch. The carrying handle on the left side of the machine helps to provide easy mobility to the users. On the right side, the orange-colored crank handle helps to adjust the height of the cutter head with the machine. The material gauge of the middle helps to remind the rate of the cutting rate and the size of the wood. It also helps to measure the cut before each of the passes.

There are key features of this machine that will help you to know about it in a short time. And the key features of WEN 6552T is:

Build quality: This planer is made of iron and steel. The cast of the machine is pure iron made and the other parts are made from steel. There is a lower amount of plastic too. But the plastic contains high quality and it is durable enough too. In comparison to the other brands, WEN has used the hardest and the most durable material in their thick planer

Power: This machine can generate the power of 8500 rpm because of the 15 amp motor. The feeding rate is also great. It can take 26 meters of wood and almost 25000 cuts at a minute! This amount shows the power of the machine.

Portable and handy dust port: To contain the dust of wood, there is a dust port too. It helps to catch all the dust and chips in it. When you will insert the wood into the machine, the chips and the sawdust will be blown away by the fan into the dust hoes. After that, the dust hoes will shift the dust into the port. You can clean up the port, connect it with the machine and start again your work very easily.

Spiral cutter head

The spiral cutter head has a 26 staggered with a rotatable HSS blade in it for cleaning. This blade helps to give a good and smooth finish to the wood. The motor of the spiral cutter head produces 10,000 rpm with a feeding rate of 26 feet per minute.

The company provides all the safe things and tools with the planer. It also has a two-year warranty and very quick responsive customer service. The handy adjustment knob of the spiral cutter head can easily take off anywhere from 0 to 1/8 to each for every pass. These spiral blades can be replaced with the WEN BP510H model.

The WEN 6552T claim to thick up and plane any wood by using the perfect instruments and the powerful motor. It also ensures the proper cleanness of the area where it is used. The dust holder will control all the dust of it perfectly and allow to make the work done perfectly. This 13-inch planer is perfect for short-size woods with faster and long workability. The machine also has an adjustable dust port and a depth stop. The depth stop helps the user to achieve an extra workpiece thickness of the wood. The dirt port is adjustable. It helps to contain all the dirt and the chip from wood. You can use the dust port for covering the dust all the time. This one is also easy to use or fix in a proper area but drilling holes and using nuts.

The WEN 6552T can be your best choice to build up your creative wooden work very easily. Just buy it, plug it, and there you go.

Final Verdict

In this review, I have focused on every feature of the planer. I hope it will be helpful for those who are confused about choosing a good planer for their work.

it can fulfill all your requirements as a professional and work dedicated woodworker. This tool will shave your wood pieces very smoothly and most efficiently. It is a lovable tool of the WEN family, designed in a very comfortable feature. It will value most of your money.

Even though it is one of the best thickness planers in the present market, it will match with your budget. It is a modest thickness planer for the woodworker that produces an amazingly great result. Follow the user manual and maintain all the rules for keeping good health; it will serve you as the best partner for sure.

Are you still thinking?

Grab the planer. I bet once you start using it, you will recommend this tool to your friends also. Whenever you start using it, you can’t stop yourself from loving it!