Table Saw Rip Capacity Exactly

In simple words, the rip capacity of a table saw means how long the length of wood that the table saw can rip. However, some say that the rip capacity of a table saw is the distance of the saw fence from the center of the blade.

Basically, the rip capacity of a table saw is used for marketing purposes. With the help of few people, one can cut very large wood pieces by the table saw with ease. On the other hand, with the help of a big table, the work can be done by oneself. However, it is an important consideration for the woodworkers. With a low rip capacity table saw, it may be difficult to cut a large piece of wood. However, for a beginner, it would be wise to go for the lower rip capacity table saws. As the lower rip capacity table saws are cheap and the beginner will able to have experience. There are many ways to increase the rip capacity. We will talk about this in the latter parts.

Table Saw Rip Capacity

Some Rip Capacities

Every table saw has its own rip capacity. Basically, there are three types of common rip capacity that can be seen in the table saws. These three are:

28 inches rip capacity- The low cheap, affordable, and mid priced table saws are made with the 28 inches rip capacity. Also, the portable table saws have 28 inches rip capacity. With the 28 inches rip capacity one can easily cut 48 inches of wood in half. However, there are some table saws with this rip capacity that allows the user to cut large wood.

30 inches rip capacity- All the professional woodworkers and DIYers feel comfortable working with this rip capacity. A table saw having this rip capacity can easily cut very large pieces of wood easily. One will find these types of table saws very comfortable and reliable.

50 inches rip capacity- This is the largest rip capacity of all. Mostly the top table saws have this capacity. For those woodworkers who work with very large surfaces will need this capacity. However, for regular use a woodworker will never face in need of a table saw with this big rip capacity. It can be used to cut a very big piece in just one sweep. Also, one can use the extra space for other purposes by customizing the space.

How Much Rip Capacity do I Need for on a Table Saw?

There is no specific or exact answer to this question. The rip capacity depends on the user project types. Before buying one must consider which project they will use the table saw.

As for normal DIY workers, a rip capacity of 28 would be enough. As we know that normal DIY won't require large wood pieces to be ripped. For professional woodworkers or DIYers, a table saw with a capacity of 30 inches would be perfect. They will be able to cut any size of the wood.

Suppose someone wants to work on projects like building a cabinet, furniture, or other small structures they can choose a rip capacity smaller than 28 inches.

However, the cost will be high if someone chooses more rip capacity. So it would be wise to choose rip capacity depending on the project types and skill levels.

How to Increase the Rip Capacity of a Table Saw?

There are many methods to increase the rip capacity of a table saw. Some will need extra money and some won’t consume any money at all. One of the simple and costless ways is to ask for help from others. With the help of other people, one can easily cut large pieces of wood with ease.

Another way is to add an extra table to the sides. There are many manufacturers that provide extra accessories for this purpose. Also, there are some sellers in the market who sells extra table for the table saw. Also, one can find the exact table for their table saw model. With the help of an extra table, one can increase the rip capacity by extending the table size.

Also, one can increase the rip capacity by considering a simple accessory of the table saw. If anyone wants an increasable rip capacity table saw then they should choose a removable rip fence table saw. However, removing the rip fence will cost you to lose accuracy. Therefore it would be wise to add a sticker measurement tape on the side of the table saw. Also, one can get back their accuracy with the help of some DIY works. There are many tutorials for this purpose. The best thing about this method is that it won't cost any money.

There may be some manufacturers who produce their table saw with an extendable rip fence. While buying it would be wise to search for these types. If you want to know more Direct Drive vs Belt Driven Table Saws.

The Ripping Capacity of Portable and Stationary Table Saw

The ripping capacity of the portable and stationary table saw is different. Basically, stationary table saws are very large than portable table saw. The stationary table saw has a large table and also has a higher ripping capacity than the portable table saws. However, as the stationary table saw is big in size and has more ripping capacity the cost of these table saws is also high.

As it is called portable isn't it obvious to come in a smaller size? The size of a portable table saw is very small than the stationary table saw because it has a very small table. Basically, all the portable table saws will consist of 26 to 28 inches of ripping capacity. However, there are some portable table saws that may consist of more than 28 inches of ripping capacity. As it is obvious that the price of these types of portable table saws will be higher than the low ripping capacity portable ones.


Most people say rip capacity of table saw is a commercial term. As the more rip capacity table saw will cost more money and the lower rip capacity of the table saw will consume less money. That's why people think of this term as a business process.

However, the rip capacity of the table saw really matters. There are some DIYers and some woodworkers who need more rip capacity for their works. For those people today in this article we have discussed about the rip capacity of the table saw. This article will help one to select the perfect rip capacity for their projects. Also, here we have discussed about some ways how one can increase the rip capacity of their table saw.

Would you like to know about the rip capacity of the table saw? Do you want to increase the rip capacity of your table saw? If you are, then read this article. This article will help you to know the rip capacity of the table saw and you will able to know how to increase the rip capacity of your table saw with ease.

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