5 best porter-cable oscillating tool kit Reviews

Nowadays, some of the advanced technology is very important and essential for everyday work. People are now like to do the works on their own. At previous times, people were not much aware of their constructional works or other heavy duty works. They would like to get those work done by some companies or engineers. But now, they have become very much creative and fancy about their work. They like to get those work done on their own with their fashion and design. Some of them like to express their innovative thought and ideas through their works. For doing these kinds of heavy duty works and jobs such as the construction, remolding, recreating, etc, they need some functional and best tools. There are a lot of tools for different purposes and work. Let's start and know about a company that has some awesome tools and parts to them.

best porter-cable oscillating tool kit is a very famous and popular brand all over the world. This American brand was created back in 1906 in Syracuse, New York. They manufacture some power tools that are helpful and perfect to use at home, office, industries, or any other areas. They have some famous products to them. These products are very much demanded and popular in the market. Let us describe the portable tools set of Porter Cable below:

Best porter-cable oscillating tool kit

Product Image

Product Name



PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Drill Combo - 6 Tool


PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Drill Combo Kit - 8 Tool


PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Drill Combo Kit, 8-Tool


PORTER-CABLE Oscillating Tool Kit with 31-Piece


PORTER-CABLE Oscillating Tool Kit


1. Portal Cable Combo Kit 6 Tools

This tool set comes in 3 different variants. The 6 tool combo kit, the set with an extra 20v battery, and the set with the Bluetooth speaker system. This is a battery-powered kit. It is available in the color of red and black mixed which is called the combo kit. There is a cordless drill battery used , a two-speed gearbox, the build-in LED light. The combo kit provides a total torque of 1450 lbs at the maximum rpm of 2900 and 3000. There is also a quick release chuck used in the combo kit.

The reciprocating saw of the combo set is white. It is a cordless saw which has a stroke length of 7-8 inches and an SPM of around 3,000. The blade used in this saw is very high quality and premium. The total oscillating tool can provide the maximum power input of 18000 oscillations per minute for the cutting scraping and the standing. Each of the tools has been separately detailed here:

The compact drill: It generates the 2830units of a watt with the 2-speed gearbox in it. There is also a LED flashlight used in this drill machine which will provide enough light and visibility in the dark too

Hex impact drive: The hex impact driver comes with a very good performance and impact. It generates 3200 RPM and 1500 in-lbs of the maximum torque. This maximum torque is provided at different variants and stages. There is also a LED light used in this driver. Which helps to use this at any low or dark light.

Circular saw: The total set has also a circular saw in it. The circular saw is strong and powerful enough to cut any kind of hard object. The motor used in the saw is powerful enough to generate almost 3800 rpm for the 18 tooth blade which has the capacity of cutting an amount of 50 less than a minute.

There is a kit bag too with the total set. This kit bag is very much helpful for keeping all the small tools related to the machines. It is also very easy to carry and use.

Batteries: Two lithium battery also comes with the total set. This battery helps to charge up all the tools multiple times. They ensure the workability of the tools for a long time. they are Lithium batteries that contain the power of 20v each

Key Features:

  • Very advanced and useful performance toolset
  • The cordless circular saw is made of high quality material
  • The reciprocating saw generate more power compare to the other reciprocating saws
  • compact LED flashlights for use as better lighting
  • Two separate high power 20v lithium batteries can charge up all the tools several times and the better performance

2. Porter Cable Combo Kit 8 Tools

This performance tool kit set contains 8 different tools. There is an impact drill, a normal driver, a circular saw, a jigsaw, a reciprocating saw, the oscillating tool, a grinder, the LED light, and two batteries. The impact drill has the capacity of creating the maximum 3200 rpm at the 1500 in-lbs maximum torque. It is perfect to drill up any kind of wall or surface easily. The high performance drill driver generates 1500 RPM to the surface and area. The LED light helps provide visibility at night and low light.

The cutoff grinder helps to cut the additional parts of a home or office or construction site. It has a minimum and maximum speed ratio of 8,000-18,000 RPM. The best thing about this tool is, it can easily shift in two modes between the works. The shifting mode and the grinding mode. The oscillating multi tool can easily perform any kind of task with the power of 8,000-18,000 RPM with the better and optimum performance. There is a LED light used in this multi tool. The blade used in it is totally tool free. It also has a universal fitment in it.

The LED flashlight that comes with the tool is bright enough to complete any kind of work at night or lowlight.The reciprocating saw of this tool set is more powerful and effective compare to the other saw. It has a fast cutting ability with 3,000 SPM. The blade used in this saw is very easy to install or uninstall. It is totally tool free. The circular saw of this toolset can cut almost 50 degrees by curving. It is more perfect than any other circular saw. Jigsaw can easily deliver the maximum output of 2500 SPM with a good stroke length.

Key Features:

  • A complete and perfect tool setup for all the essential work
  • Reciprocating saw contains more power and performance compared to another saw
  • LED lights of the total set are perfect enough to give proper visibility and light at the low rate
  • The jigsaw can make the curve up to 50 degrees which is more effective than the others
  • Very easy to carry and charge up because of the two big sizes 20v lithium battery

3. Porter Cable 8 Piece Cordless Tool Kit

This tool kit set contains the same advanced and useful tools. They are available in 5 different variants with 5 different functions. The total weight of this tool kit set is 31.1 pounds. 2 lithium-ion battery which contains 20v each are included with the set. All of these tools are run by using the battery. The total torque of all the tools is almost 1500 inch pounds. The 8 piece tool kit set contains a drill machine, a circular saw, an impact driver, a sander, a total oscillating tool set, a jigsaw, a recip saw, and a flashlight. They are all provided in a bag that is easy to carry and ensures the best portability.

The drill machine features a 2-speed gearbox in it. It can generate the maximum power of 0-350 in the 1st gear and 0-1550 at the 2nd. There is a build LED light used for safety and performance. The oscillating tool of the set has the ability of tool free changing for the accessories. This tool has a variable speed for up to almost 18,000 oscillations each minute. It is very much helpful for the sanding

The impact driver of the set generates the maximum torque of 1500 in-lbs at 3000 RPM and 3100 BPM. It also has the quick release chuck used in it for better saving from the immediate impacts. The jigsaw provides the maximum power of 500 SPM that provides the proper finishing and accurate cuts.

Key Features:

  • All of the tools are made from high-quality material
  • The cordless function ensures the best performance and portability
  • Very effective and powerful functions than the other tools
  • The double sized 20v battery is perfect to provide enough energy to the tools
  • The orbit sander has a good performance rate of 12,000 orbits at every minute

4. Porter Cable Oscillating Tool Kit

This tool kit set comes with 31 pieces of tools with 3 Amps. It has a matte finish color in it. The total tool set is made of metal. It has a total weight of 6.6 pounds only. It is very light in weight and very much useful. They are available in two variants. One is the oscillating tool set and the other one is the oscillating tool kit with the grinder. The tool set contains the motor of 3 AMP which generates enough power for the complete tool set at a time. The helps to get the depth and accurate cutting anytime. The oscillating machine contains better gripping parts. It can be easily used and maintained. The blade used in this tool is very easy to install or remove without using any kind of accessory.

Key Features:

  • Can be used as both corded and cordless
  • The 10 feet wire is perfect to use as corded or can be used by minimizing
  • The motor contains 3 AMP provides 10,000 to 22,000 of power output which is pretty good enough
  • Easily removable and changeable blades don't need any types of equipment to use
  • Comes with 3 positions over-molded gripping area. For the better and perfect gripping and handling

5. Oscillating Tool Kit With 52 Pieces

This Porter Cable Oscillating tool kit contains the most parts in it. It comes with a total of 52 pieces in it. The total weight of this tool set is 7.61 pounds. It has two types of the variant available in it. One is the oscillating kit only and the other one is the oscillating tool kit with a Bluetooth speaker. This one is the same in function and power compare to the previous one. It just has 52 pieces of tools only. It also has a cord of the length of 10 feet.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a total of 52 piece tools so no worry about the tool kits
  • Perfect to use at any place or surface
  • A good and perfect thing as the obstacle cutters
  • Provide a good amount of power using the 3 AMP motor
  • There is a height gauge at the top side of the machine that helps to cut anything accurately

Buying Guide

Buying guide shows those terms, which can be followed or abide by whenever you will buy something. It will show you some best sides and terms of a product. You can buy your best product by basing on these terms. Here are some terms that you can follow before buying one of these tools:

Better portability: As they are portable tool kits, make sure that each of the machines that are included in the tool set is perfectly portable. It may be a problem if you buy one of these tool sets and see that one of the tools like the jigsaw is difficult to carry. Then it will be a great problem. So make sure to have the proper portable tool kit for every tool

Quality: Quality matters a lot in terms of the tools. As these tools have to use for cutting or rebuilding other objects, there is a good chance of getting the tools damaged. If the machines are not perfectly built, there is a chance of getting the tools and the machines damaged. So make sure to buy the tools and the machines that are made of either steel or the aluminum

Easy access and removing of the blades: Most of these tools are used for cutting purpose. Almost all of these tools contain blades on them. Make sure that, these blades can be easily removed and added to the machine.

Proper visibility: These tools will be not only used in the daylights, but they might also have to use in the lowlights or even in the dark. So make sure that your tool kit set has a bright and visible flashlight which will be helpful enough to use at low light or night.

There are some other products of this company. They have their separate demands too. Let us describe some of their other products too.

20v Table Wet Tile Saw

This one is a typical tile cutter for construction purposes. It is a cordless tile saw which helps to get the tile cut properly and accurately. It is compact, lightweight, and very much useful for work. It has a maximum battery power of 20v which is perfect to complete almost 150 cuts at a one-time charge. The main frame and cast of the tile saw are made from metal which is very durable and long lasting. The onboard miter square is helpful enough to maintain the cuts and the rip cuts. There is also a battery indicator that helps to show the battery percentage to the users. Whenever the tiles will be cut, there is a chance of getting the water splash easily. But the splash guard ability of the saw helps to avoid the splash that can be thrown at the user. As it is a cordless saw, it helps to move the saw easily from anywhere at any time. There is also a roll cage that comes with the table saw to carry it and to keep safe from any kind of impact

6-gallon oil-free compressor

This 6-gallon oil-free air compressor is a great thing to use in the home, garage or any kind of vulcanize shops. This air compressor contains 6 gallons of air pressure in it. The tank of this air compressor is pancake shaped. It helps to maintain the perfect stability and balance of the air compressor. There is a water drain valve in the air compressor which allows using the compressor perfectly. the air compressor can deliver the air pressure of 2.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI. The pump used in the air compressor is totally oil free. So there is no tension of the maintenance and it can perform for a long time. There is two premium air coupler in the air compressor, it ensures two user connections at a time. The best thing about this air compressor is, it only produces the sound of 82 decibels. It helps to provide very low noise and sound for the user. The motor contains a very low amp of 120v which is very much perfect to start up even in the cold weather. The 8 hp motor with the 30lbs of weight is perfect to use as a portable air compressor.

Is Porter cable good quality?

The Porter Cable brand has now been associated with its owner Stanley Black and Decker. They are now providing better products than before in terms of pricing, quality, and long lasting ability. So they have the good quality

Is Porter Cable and Craftsman the same?

The owner of these two companies is the same person. Stanley Black and Decker. So in terms of the owners, they might be the same company. But they are different from each other in the products and the popularity.

Is the Porter Cable tool set worthy?

Porter Cable tool set can't be used for all kinds of works. It has some separate requirements and a workplace. Such as the household decoration, any kind of mechanical issues, the constructional needs, woodworking project, etc. They can tackle this kind of activity very easily. Though they have a major or minor duty in work to do, all are piece of cake for them. So regarding all these terms, they are worthy.

Final Words

Porter Cable performance tool kit is eco-friendly, compact, portable, and the perfect tool kit. There is the least number of household or minor level constructional work that can't be done by using one of these kit sets. They are truly valued for money. I hope in future they will become more trendy and popular for those who like to accomplish their household works from their own

These tool kit sets can bring up the creativity level of someone at another level. Use them, and make your home and workplace perfect.

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