The 5 Best Wet Tile Saws Under $300 [An In-Depth Buying Guide]

Wondering how to get the best wet tile saws under $300? This seems like a complex mission, but we aim to help you find just the match. In this article, you will find an in-depth comparison of some of the best-wet tile saw to choose from for your DIY arsenal.

Normally, a tool that is equipped with more features cost a lot more. For example, some wet tile saws work can handle tougher materials. So, it can handle what stone saws usually have to work with. You get two tools in one. However, the price will set you back at almost $2000.

It does not make sense to purchase this product if you have no plans to cut harder materials. Because we don’t want you to waste precious dollars on unnecessary features, we have hand-picked five high-quality wet saw tiles that are – yes, it is possible! – under $300. For your convenience, you may find all five available at Amazon.

What are the Best Affordable Tile Saws Under $300?

According to my research around 40 wet tile saws on the market, I recommend the below 5 Top-rated wet tile saws. Why are these products best on the market? The products are best on the market because the wet tile saws capable of doing complex tasks, blade cooling options, affordable price, and some other elements. So, let’s have a look at the below section of the products list.

  1. Best for Stainless Steel: SKIL 3540-02 Wet Tile Saw
  2. Best for DIY Projects: SKIL 3550-02 Wet Tile Saw
  3. Best for Portability: PORTER-CABLE PCE980 Wet Tile Saw
  4. Best for Well-Designed: Leegol Electric Wet Tile Saw
  5. Best for Versatile Cut: MK Diamond 157222 MK-170
Top Wet Tile Saws Under 300

Top 5 Selection of Wet Tile Saws Under $300

We came up with our top five, with the help of the saws’ reviews and actual specifications. Here is a quick comparison of the five:


SKIL 3540-02 Wet Tile Saw
  • Item Dimensions: 18 x 14.5 x 7.75 inches
  • Blade size (diameter): 7 inches
  • Capabilities: Stainless steel tabletop, blade cooling water, adjustable rip fence, bevel Cuts Tile From 0 to 45 Degrees
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SKIL 3550-02 Wet Tile Saw
  • Item Dimensions: 22 x 18 x 8.5 inches
  • Blade size (diameter): 7 inches
  • Capabilities: Hydrolock system, Bevel cuts tile at 0, 22.5, and 45 degrees, stainless steel tabletop, blade cooling water
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  • Item Dimensions: 26.9 x 22.7 x 8.9 inches
  • Blade size (diameter): 7 inches
  • Capabilities: High torque, 1/3 hp universal motor; 5500 rpm speed, porcelain tile blade, onboard miter square
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Leegol Electric Wet Tile Saw
  • Item Dimensions: 18 x 15.75 x 6.75 inches
  • Blade size (diameter): 7 inches
  • Capabilities: Table Tilts to Make 0-45° Bevel Cuts, portable, blade cooling water reservoir, chrome plated top
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MK Diamond 157222 MK-170
  • Item Dimensions: 14 x 15 x 13 inches
  • Blade size (diameter): 7 inches
  • Capabilities: Bare tool, diamond blade, high torque (5500 rpm) submersible water pump, a thermoplastic water reservoir
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Top-rated Affordable Wet Tile Saw Product Reviews

A product review means included in-depth information and overall ideas about the product. Here, I have already reviewed the 5 best products for you in detail to get a crystal and clear idea. So, let’s get started with the below product reviews.

1. Best for Stainless Steel: SKIL 3540-02 Wet Tile Saw

If you are familiar with the 3550, then this is a smaller version of that. The two are very similar. This is the wet tile saw that you go for if you don’t mind a little bit of a mess. If you want to save money and have enough space to get a bit dirty, perhaps in the yard, the SKIL 3540-02 is the right choice.

What is responsible for this is its lack of a water reservoir. The stainless steel can withstand constant water flow, thus not getting corroded. The continuous water flow poses some benefits, which includes keeping the workspace clean.

Despite that, this is still a good option because it can cut through tiles bigger tiles, to about a foot square. It does this accurately, with the help of a miter gauge. Chipping on the tile makes this a less than perfect tool, though.

Overall, it should provide you with enough value for its price, and its 3600 RPM should be enough to get you through smaller DIY projects.

SKIL 3540-02 Tile Saw Features

2. Best for DIY Projects: SKIL 3550-02 Wet Tile Saw

This is the big bro of the wet tile saw on #1. This is recommended to those who like to work on DIY projects at home. Some private contractors prefer the use of this tool. This creates a minimal mess, especially when compared to 3540. It comes with a hydro lock water reservoir system, which helps contain the water.

The choice of using plastic has its own pros and cons. The material has made it lighter and easy to carry around. It has strength and durability that can be depended upon based on a few tests.

Some may not like plastic which may not usually be associated with high-quality products. Remember, though, that this product is very affordable. So, it delivers more than it should have at its price. Others, however, are more concerned about its lack of speed.

SKIL 3550-02 Tile Saw Features

3. Best for Portability: PORTER-CABLE PCE980 Wet Tile Saw

This wet tile saw has a porcelain tile blade and a miter saw square. So, for its low cost, it can deliver precise cuts with minimal debris. The stainless steel tabletop is durable and rust-free enough to be used for years.

Its reservoir comes with a drain plug, which may assist you in reducing your mess. However, it is a little small, so cleaning still has to be done at a more frequent rate. So, you can see a little balance there, somehow.

What’s great about this affordable wet tile saw is that it is recommended for any experience level. It is handy to carry around with its handy carrying handles. It is powerful and multi-capable. It has been making a lot of best-wet tile saws under 300 list.

PORTER-CABLE PCE980 Tile Saw Features

4. Best for Well-Designed: Leegol Electric Wet Tile Saw

This saw is easy to carry around. It is also a user-friendly and affordable DIY tool. Much of the saw is well-designed, but it does tend to be messy. You may rethink buying this product if you feel like it can endanger you and other workers by creating an unsteady environment.

You must also spend more time cleaning that same workspace after every use. If you ignore that and prioritize the price, remember that it reaches 45 degrees for bevel cutting and 3550 RMP.

Then, you may be more willing just to give this a try. Of course, it does not have the high torque that high-priced models have, but it is capable of miter and rip cuts. However, the bottom line here is the wet mess. Can you handle that? If so, then you can still use this for smaller projects that will not take a long time to complete.

Leegol Electric Tile Saw Features

5. Best for Versatile Cut: MK Diamond 157222 MK-170

The MK Diamond 157222 MK-170 has enough speed (5500 RPM) to give more expensive models some competition. This saw is only 15 lbs, which makes it well-recommended to those who use their tools in more than one place.

It is sometimes unbelievable that the same small wet tile saw can deliver power and accuracy. It also has a repertoire of versatile cuts.  If you don’t use this saw for large-scale projects, you still get value for your money.

It is small, handy, and affordable. The affordability and performance together mean that you have in your hands one of the best-wet tile saws under 300.

MK Diamond 157222 MK-170 Tile Saw Features

Tile Saw Buyer’s Guide

Yes, you may have a guide to the top five wet tile saws under 300, but what if you want to keep on searching? Here is a brief guide on how to select the best purchase each time:

Features to look for in a highly capable wet tile saw

Best Wet Tile Saws Under $300

Additional information to know about Wet Tile Saws

How do you use a wet tile saw?

As with any construction tool, the first time you hold a wet tile saw can be intimidating – sometimes even scary. However, this particular saw can make precision and speed seem so easy. The steps below should not be difficult to follow:

Safety and Efficiency Tips for Tile Saw

To keep safe, you must follow the same safety tips that you use when using any tool with sharp blades:

Frequently Asked Questions.

In the worldwide market, no planer can offer what WEN 6552 is offering to the professional woodworkers.

A wet tile saw can be pretty messy. It has, after all, a water reservoir. However, you can reduce some of this mess by making sure you get a model that has an efficient water containment system.

According to WEN 6552 Planer review of the customers, it is considered as the best planer in the market.

The proper tools to use to handle the tough material are brick saws or masonry saws. However, if the brick is not that thick, a wet tile saw can cut through it just the same. You do have to make sure you have the appropriate blade.

Yes, wet tile saws can cut through glass tiles. If you want quick work with your tiles, but with minimal damage, then you choose wet tile saws. Sharper saws can damage your tiles.

With the right blade, you should be able to cut through tiles smoothly. If your speed is starting to wane for some reason and you start exerting more effort with each cut, you may need to change the blade.

The blade of a wet tile saw is made up of tiny diamonds that can cut through tiles fast. You need the water because the blade can heat up really fast. When the saw begins to smoke, you may not be able to create accurate cuts anymore.

Of course, the water keeps away the debris. The wet tile saw is designed primarily for cutting tiles. The ones with diamond blades can best cut through thicker tiles, without chipping them.

A wet tile saw is used for tiles or other hard materials that can be fragile when not handled right. You don’t want a tool that is so sharp it chips and breaks the material.  You also do not want a tool that can barely break through thick tiles.

It cannot cut your finger because it relies on the friction that is generated between the blade and the surface being cut. Soft skin and a water-cooled blade will decrease the amount of friction.

However, if you push at the blade purposively, you can still get a cut or burn. It is best to err on the safe side and be wary of blades in general. This way, you can have a consistent way of dealing with your tools’ blades.

8 to 10 inches are the usual sizes of wet tile saw blades. The larger the diameter, the more depth you can go. For example, 8-inch blades can go up to 2 inches deep. However, the 7-inch blade wet tile saws recommended here can still deliver enough deep cuts to manage most DIY projects.

They are available at hardware and even at the supermarket DIY section. Online stores are also great options since they present more options at one glance.

By this time, you should know so much about wet tile saws, at least the inexpensive kinds. You know what they are capable of, and how a smaller, affordable model should be able to do what types of projects. The under $300 wet saw tiles presented above are reliable models, but they are only recommended for smaller projects.

It is too risky to cut wood using a wet tile saw. So, we do not recommend a wet tile saw to cut wood.

Wet tile saw is a tool for cutting any kind of tiles in household. Every peoples wish if their house living rooms, kitchen, washrooms tiles is so clean and beautiful design. So it’s important to cut very smoothly and sharply every piece of tiles. A wet tile saw will help you for being better cutting tiles for your living room of house. It is combined with water rotating diamonds power blade which is controlled by the electricity.

There are a lot of wet tile saw in the market. But the best wet tile refers which gives you the best performance and also provides the proper value of money. This is also beneficial to know the power of this wet tile saw how much does it good as its price. You may be search via online which the best wet tile under $300 is. But there are lots of serial list of saw you will have seen.

Saws have been use in thousands of years. It is improving its quality day by day. In modern times different technologies are used in making these saws. In general there are 33 kinds of saws in this world. They are used in different many sectors. Especially saws are used in more wooden work. Dry things are cut by many kind of saw.

But are some kinds of wet saw also. Wet tile saws are a kind of them. It is also used in many types of hard field work. Household, kitchen, washroom and so more places there are placed tiles everywhere. It is done by this wet tile saw. So this is a very important household tool for us.

Quality about wet tile saw

Some wet tiles saw are absolutely best for using according as price value. This is best for its quality also the work power. It will help the installing and repairing the wider tiles in your house or anywhere. This is its best attribute. Their average total length is 7 inches. The saw is corded. Its weighs is 18 pounds. It is capable to rip the tile which size will be measured 12*12. It is using 7 inch cutting blade to rip any tiles. Also capable to cut tiles from 0 to 45 degrees. So it is more obvious.

  • Some wet tiles have so more powerful motor at 7 amps. Using Hydro lock Water Guard it protect to your floors from splashing water into whole rooms. It’s so much useful. If you will cut the larger size tiles so you can use another kind of wet tile saw. It may be cut 18*18 easily helpful. So you can easily buy which price will be under $300 surely.
  • Some of other wet tiles saw will have very lightly weight. You can handle and move it easily without any hardworking.
  • There are another kind of wet tiles saw. That may be very easy to use. It’s installing also very easy. They have amazing backsplashes. Also has water containment.
  • There are so best wet tiles saw. It is made with rip fence combined with the meter gauge so this is special. Using this wet tile saw you will get exact measurement and pure cutting shot. Something that’s really cool for itself that when it working it can be cooled automatically when it will heat up more. And also clear the dust by itself while working.

Know the key points about wet tile saw

Power of wet tile saw: When will discuss about its power it will worth by pricing. The wet tile saw is rated 120v AC. This is absolutely strong more powerful. You will able to cut any kind of rocks, stone, masonry etc. using this kind of wet tiles saw. You should check first and research about their power. Then you will be finding the best one from all along.

Life Duration: You will be glad to know that it will be long last as you wishes. This saw, I believe that you will get a powerful service for many years. Because it is made with strong stainless steel which is extremely strong. And it is also antirust for sure.

Blade Cutting Quality: Its blade is so much smooth and very sharp. It blade is coated with diamond power. So this saw absolutely made with 7-inch diamond blade. There install a meter gauge for perfect cutting exactly. There is also an adjustable rip fence.

How long a saw blade lasts ?

Though the wet tile saw is very smooth and powerful to work. Its blade is so sharp and powerful as well as. It can be destroy sometimes after heavy work. So it should be known to you when to replace the blades.

Your saw blades will last based on duration.

  • How old are the blades
  • The quality of the blades
  • How many cuts have been completed by it
  • What kind of cutting has been made
  • How much pressure it sustains it.

With all above circumstances it’s not too easy to say the last duration of any wet tile saw blades.

But there are some ways to identify when the blade will be replaced. You should pay attention to the points written in below:

  1. Find out the spot or visible damages of the blades.
  2. Notice at when saw blade is moving to find any changes than before.
  3. If your blade isn’t running smoothly as before it should be replaced as soon as possible.
  4. When your blade cuts slower than as usual.
  5. The blade cannot cut the perfectly with precise.
  6. There are more vibrations when cutting any tiles or something.
  7. Unusual noise while cutting that will be a reason for replacing the wet tile saw.

Wet tile saw rental

Sometimes rent a wet tile saw is beneficial for you. Because it will be the best cost savings for you. When you need a wet tile saw for your house work then you can rent a wet tile for any rental stores. So your full buy cost will save totally. Just when you need then rent a wet tile saw with a little payment. Using a rental wet tile saw you can avoid the maintenance and stores cost also. This is very efficient for you.

So at the last I like to say that he wet tile saw is better for you than hire any professional to get this job done. The price is more adorable for all who wants to buy a wet tile saw himself. The saw blade is so much sharper that you will cut any kind of household tiles and also some natural small stones as well as. You will get 3-4 years warranty as long as you register.

Come to the last point that you may need sometimes the wet tile saw because of your household works. But you don’t want to buy an expensive tile saw. So under $300 the 7 inch wet tile saw is best option for you. It is easy to handle, easy to use, easy to understand. Honestly say that you are not professional. So you cannot understand or use to any complicated wet tile saw. You may need a straightforward tile saw which is really effective as well as powerful to meet your household tiles work and cost effectively of course. So finally you should go for a wet tile saw which is easy to use. That’s all my opinions.

Another option: Tile Saw cutters

But what about tile cutters? If you are buying a wet tile saw, then you want to cut tiles. A tile cutter can, well, do what its names say it can do.

If you are going to be doing a lot of tiling, then you may not even have to choose. You can have both at your disposal. This way, you have the appropriate tool for every project you may set your mind to do.

Affordable Saw Cutter for Soft Tiles

Tile cutters can even get more inexpensive, compared to the wet tile saw. If you must stick to a budget, it is an option. However, you need to work on the tiles manually.

This is not an electric tool like the wet saw tile. This may be the reason, for its more tolerable mess. Tile cutters are best suited to soft tiles. Because of the manual manoeuvre, this is pretty easy to use.

Bottom line: Wet tile saws for the win

But should you buy this over the wet tile saws recommended above? No. One of the main arguments against the wet tile saw is that it can be a lot more expensive than the tile cutter. However, it can cut through more types of materials.

Tile cutters cannot cut through glass and hard tiles. You just need to practice on sample tiles because you may need some time to get used to it. A little control is required to manage soft tiles to avoid chipping and total breakage. Professional handymen may need both tools

How To Use A Wet Tile Saw


While the featured wet tile saws may not be able to handle big projects, they are accurate, multi-capable, and efficient enough for the DIY homeowner. You don’t need to spend so much, especially if you are not a handyman or contractor.

After all, if you are buying DIY tools to save money, then it does not make sense to buy tools at thousands of dollars each. This guide has hopefully provided you with ample options.

All five best wet tile saws under $300 in this list are affordable, but you may be leaning towards one at the moment. If you were to ask us, we are leaning towards the MK Diamond 157222 MK-170. This model is the winning option.

One, it has the least number of cons. Not only that, the pros really provide it with the power and speed in a very handy and compact body. It is everything that you could ever need as a DIY-er. It has a competitive 5500 RPM speed and it can produce clean and accurate cuts.