The 3 Best Saw Blade For Melamine [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Imagine a situation where you need to complete some critical projects of melamine. In that case, you will need the best saw blade for melamine to get the job done because a saw blade that comes with top-notch quality will give you the best user experience when you need to cut melamine.

Now, choosing the best product is not an easy fish to fry. You need some industry expertise and extensive product knowledge to distinguish between the right and wrong products.

That’s why we are here with our exclusive saw blade reviews and buying guide so that you can choose the best option for you. Stay with us throughout this buying guide to get the best product.

What are the Best Melamine Saw Blades?

As you know, the saw blade is an essential element, especially for melamine material. Cut down the melamine is tricky enough because sometimes melamine or blade teeth break down. But don’t worry, you never need to go through this problem. Here, we collect 3 remarkable, strong, and leading blades on the market for you. Why don’t you have a look?

  1. Best for Performance: Freud 10″ x 80T Melamine Blade (LU80R010)
  2. Best For Accurate Cut: Bosch DCB1080 Daredevil10-Inch for Melamine
  3. Best For Quality: Amana Tool – MB10800 Melamine Saw Blade
Best Melamine Saw Blade

Our Top 3 Saw Blade For Melamine

For different materials, you need a different blade. We have tested several saw blades for our projects, but most of them broke down. Finally, we are still using the below saw blades, which are strong enough and working professionally. Check out our table to get a quick idea about the melamine saw blades.


Freud 10″ x 80T Melamine Blade (LU80R010)
  • High alternative top bevel tooth design
  • Laser-cut anti-vibration shots
  • Splinter-free and flawless finish
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Bosch DCB1080 Daredevil10-Inch for Melamine
  • ATB tooth geometry
  • Thinner kerf
  • Sturdy steel body
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Amana Tool – MB10800 Melamine Saw Blade
  • The build material is carbide
  • 80 exclusive teeth
  • 10 inches of cutting diameter
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Our In-depth and Resourceful Saw Blade Reviews

We collect our product information from different sources. Amazon customer reviews and ratings are one of them. We also tested these three blades for around one month and focused on the behavior of the blades for melamine. They are truly awesome, and the teeth and other shape is durable. To know detail about these three saw blades, you should keep reading.

1. Best for Performance: Freud 10″ x 80T Melamine Blade (LU80R010)

Wouldn’t it be awesome when you get a saw blade that comes with the excellent ability for cutting plywood and melamine? Of course, that would be awesome. Thanks to Freud for this excellent LU80R010 saw Blade with many features to meet all of your expectations.

The Blade diameter is 10,” and it has 80 Teeth, so you don’t need to worry if you need to cut any plywood or even the melamine. It comes with an exclusive premium TiCo Hi-Density Carbide crosscutting blend, ensuring maximum performance with precision and accuracy.

The Blade has an innovative high alternative top bevel tooth design to ensure that you’ll get the perfect splinter-free cut every time you cut anything with it. Besides, this innovative high-end design makes this Blade extremely capable of handling a maximum of 7000 RPM pressure. In fact, the routing melamine board can be easily done by this saw blade.

When you get annoying vibrations, we know that working with a saw can take away all of your concentration and attention from your work. That is why this excellent Blade comes with super laser-cut anti-vibration slots so that you’ll get an outstanding performance without exceeding the vibration limit.

It also has a crisp and splinter-free finish to give you an excellent performance. On top of that, if you are looking for a saw blade that comes with pitch build-up and corrosion resistance ability, this could be one of the best options for you.

Key Specifications for Freud 10″ x 80T Melamine Blade:

Freud 10″ x 80T Melamine Blade Features:

2. Best For Accurate Cut: Bosch DCB1080 Daredevil10-Inch for Melamine

If you are looking for a saw blade for melamine, you can count on this product without any doubt. With so many excellent features, this product is highly capable of meeting all of your expectations. It comes with innovative Brute carbide, specially designed to give you an improved impact damage resistance.

It also has ATB tooth geometry, which is positively perfect for performing the cross cut. So, this Blade will give you an optimum solution when you need to cut off or trim wood or even plywood. As a woodworking professional or simply a DIY enthusiast, you always want to have the best user experience from your saw.

When it comes to cutting laminate on a table saw, you just need the best saw blade to get the job done. Trust us; this entire saw blade comes with an excellent finish, which is antifriction, and you’ll get incredible performance from your saw when it comes to getting an accurate cut.

Besides, the Blade’s thinner kerf confirms that you’ll get faster cuts, and most importantly, the wastage rate will be relatively low.

On top of that, this Blade comes with a steel body that is extra hard when it comes to durability and makes it highly durable for serving you for a long time. When you experience bending or deflection while using a saw, we know it can ruin your entire project.

Keeping that in mind, this entire saw blade will give you a flawless performance every time.

Key Specifications for Bosch DCB1080 Daredevil10-Inch Melamine Blade:

Bosch DCB1080 Daredevil10-Inch Saw Blade Features:

3. Best For Quality: Amana Tool – MB10800 Melamine Saw Blade

When it comes to buying a top-quality saw blade, you can’t deny the Amana tool’s brand value. From years of experience, they always serve us with the products that come with top-notch quality. No exception this time as well.

This exclusive Amana Tool MB10800 melamine saw Blade comes with so many unique features so that you can get a whole new level of user experience. The diameter of the Blade is 10 inches or 250 mm, which is perfect for cutting melamine.

It is specially designed for serving that purpose. Wouldn’t it be awesome when your saw blade is capable of performing a cut without any chipping on the edges? Of course, that would be pretty much awesome. You can also consider it as the best circular saw blade for particleboard.

However, in that case, you must make sure that your table saw is perfectly tuned. It comes with 80 teeth to give you an incredible level of performance. So, whether you need to do a straight or bevel cut, this exclusive saw will accelerate your Blade’s overall performance.

It comes with a thick and heavy-duty plate to add extra stability when you need to give a perfect cut while working on a melamine project. Besides, if you need to sharpen the Blade, you can do it without any hassle.

From precision cutting performance to an extreme durability level, you can expect everything from this entire saw blade.

Key Specifications for Amana Tool – MB10800 Melamine Saw Blade:

Amana Tool – MB10800 Saw Blade Features:

Things You Should Look For Saw Blade

There is no denying that when it comes to working on your melamine project, the last thing you want to confirm is a top-quality saw blade. Because if your Blade doesn’t come with top-notch quality, chances are you may end up ruining all of your hard work.

So, it is highly necessary to choose the best product from the market, especially when selecting the right saw blade for a specific purpose.

Now, when you talk about buying a top-notch blade for your saw, you must consider some significant factors before making your ultimate buying decision. Below we will discuss the things you should look for when buying a saw blade.

Best Saw Blade For Melamine

Size of the Blade:

The first important thing is analyzing your intended purpose. You must identify why you need a saw blade. If you need the Blade for cutting melamine, you must get the Blade of the right size. Because if you buy a blade which is not of the right size, the chance is it will not be compatible with your saw.

Indeed, you will never want to face such a situation ever. Now, you must check your machine or saw to identify what size of Blade you should get. You’ll find some saws which support several types of blades, while some saws require only a specific size of blades.

Make sure that you know what size you need, which will be easily compatible with your saw.

The material of the Blade:

The next important thing you must check with the utmost care is the material of the Blade. Because the material in which the Blade is made plays a significant role in determining its durability.

If the saw blade is made of high-quality material, without any doubt, you can use it for a long time. On the other hand, a saw blade made of poor quality materials will not last much longer.

Besides, the Blade should be made of the right materials because you will buy it for cutting melamine, right? Therefore, check the Blade’s material carefully before investing your hard-earned money.

Number of Teeth:

Teeth of a saw play the leading role when it comes to cutting melamine or even plywood. The Blade’s main component is the plate that will give it the primary support, while the teeth have the main responsibility to perform the cut. That said, you can’t deny its importance.

You must check whether the saw comes with the right number of teeth or get the maximum benefit from it. If you buy a blade with a higher number of teeth, you’ll get an excellent level of performance from it.

However, an increasing number of teeth can impose some drawbacks in the saw as well because a growing number of teeth in the saw blade will significantly reduce the individual tooth’s strength.


Another important thing you must check is the kerf of a saw blade. Many people don’t even consider this significant factor. The thickness of the kerf is the main reason why some materials lose while performing a cut. If you buy a saw blade with an increased kerf size, you’ll lose more materials while cutting melamine.

However, you can’t ignore that thicker kerf is so helpful to give the saw blade a great strength to cut any material. So, you should find a blade that comes with an optimum kerf size.

In a general sense, when you need to cut more rigid materials, you should go for the blades with thicker kerf. On the other hand, when dealing with softer materials, you can use a saw blade with thin kerf.

Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are a woodworker or other professional guy who needs to cut different materials regularly, you most probably need the best saw for you. You already know that there are many types of saws to get the job done. If you need to cut a chipboard, you should go for the best saw for chipboard. In this case, choosing the best circular saw blade for chipboard is crucial for you.

But, the perfection of the saw depends on the effectiveness and efficiency of the Blade. Now, when you are talking about choosing the right saw blade, you must consider some factors. The first thing is you need to determine your intended purpose.

It means you need to identify why you need a saw blade. Is it for cutting wood or metal? If your answer is the material, then what kind of material? Besides, you also need to consider the material of the Blade along with the number of teeth.

The size of the Blade and thickness of the kerf shouldn’t be overlooked as well. If you consider all of these critical factors, we hope you are on the right path to buying a top-quality saw blade. You will also find some double-sided melamine saw blades which can give you a great level of user experience.

When you need to choose the best product for cutting melamine, you should keep in mind that a right saw Blade would give you an optimum solution. You already know that there are some essential factors that you must consider while choosing the best option for you.

Not every Blade you will find in the market can give you the ultimate selection. Even though it’s an exceptionally tough job to find the best saw blade, we can assure you that all of the products that we have reviewed today come with top-notch quality to satisfy your need.

But, if you need a specific recommendation, we would go for Freud 10″ x 80T Melamine Blade (LU80R010) as it comes with all unique and exclusive features to meet all of your expectations. You can also cut melamine by using a handsaw. However, to do that you should know how to cut melamine with a hand saw in the right way.

First of all, you need to know what melamine means here. Here it implies melamine laminate. If you don’t know what it is, let us clarify you first. It is a combination of wood fibers which are generally compressed and coated with a thin melamine plastic layer.

Now, when it comes to cutting melamine, you must use the right type of saw. You can use a circular saw for cutting laminate shelving. But, in that case, you must know how to cut laminate shelving with a circular saw. For so many good reasons, a table saw can give you the most optimum solution in this case. And the Blade you need to choose should be specially designed for cutting melamine.

You must go for a blade which is crosscut sled, sharp and clean. It should have 40-80 teeth, which are alternate top bevel. If you go for a 10″ blade that will be perfect for getting the job done.

For your instance, cutting melamine without a table saw is possible. You can also cut melamine by using a jigsaw. Knowing how to cut melamine with a jigsaw will help you to get your job done without any hassle. You can also choose the best plunge saw blade for melamine.

It is possible to cut the laminate without any chipping. You can use a laminate saw blade for that purpose. Now, if you are serious about performing your cut on a laminate sheet just using a power saw, you should try to mask tape along the cutline to avoid chipping. Then, you must try to saw through the tape.

After performing the cut successfully, you can remove the tape. You can also use a blade that is specially designed for cutting melamine, laminate, or plywood. Without any doubt, it will give you a chipping free experience.

If you don’t know what the gullet is, let us clarify that. Gullets are the spaces that you’ll see on the front side of the teeth. It will allow you to remove the chip effortlessly. When you are ripping something, you must choose a blade that comes with deep gullets so that the Blade can handle a large number of materials.

However, you’ll notice that the gullets of a crosscutting blade are small so that the Blade can inhibit the faster feed rates. Gullets serve a specific purpose in specific types of blades.

Final Words

As a professional person or only as a DIY enthusiast, sometimes you need to work on some melamine projects. To complete those projects, what you need is just a perfect saw. Now, a saw becomes ideal with the ideal saw blade.

Because the Blade does the central part when it comes to cutting melamine or plywood, in this article, we tried to give you all the necessary information about saw blades, which are specially designed to cut melamine. We hope this product helps you to choose the best product.