The 5 Best Saw Blade For Cutting Engineered Wood Flooring

If you are thinking of furnishing your home to get a new look but want some quick suggestions for selecting Best saw blade for cutting engineered wood flooring then this article will help you a lot and also you are going to love our experiences with engineered hardwood flooring saw blades

Last year, when I was doing the same thing, the first essential tool I came up with was a saw. Now, you cannot run a saw all by yourself, can you? You will need the most powerful saw blades for a more refined and smoother cut.

What are the Best Saw Blades for Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

Engineered wood flooring is really sensitive, which means you need to use the saw blade perfectly. Sometimes the wrong blade suffers us a lot when we cut down engineered wood floor. What are the best saw blades for engineered hardwood and work professionally? Look at the below five best saw blades and find the best one for you.

  1. Best for Skil Saw: SKIL 75540 4-3/8-Inch by 40T Carbide Flooring Blade
  2. Best for Longer Time Use: Bosch DCB1072 Daredevil 10-Inch 72-Tooth Laminate Flooring, Laminated Panels, and Melamine Circular Saw Blade
  3. Best for Quality: Freud D1216LF PCD Laminate Flooring Blade
  4. Best for Easy Installation: SKIL 75536 Carbide Flooring Blade, 4-3/8″
  5. Best for Durability: Freud D1296L Diablo Melamine, Laminate Flooring, and Wood Saw Blade
Top Saw Blade For Cutting Wood Flooring

The 5 best saw blade for cutting engineered wood flooring [Our Recommendation]

This is my quick view but in-depth information table. This table allows you to take a basic view so that you can save your time and compare them with other products. Check out my selective products from the below table and compare each other so that you can easily find out the right one for your project.

Best Saw blades Product Reviews for Cutting Engineered Wood Flooring

I found lots of saw blades on the market. But all are not much better. I hope this product information will provide you enough value to invest your money in the right saw blade.

1. Best for Skil Saw: SKIL 75540 4-3/8-Inch by 40T Carbide Flooring Blade

This saw blade from Skil has been explicitly designed for Skil saw. This carbide flooring blade has 40 teeth to give your engineered wood the most delicate cut possible. Since it is carbide made, the teeth will have more sharpness and efficiency than regular saw blades.

Standard saw blades get dull very quickly. If you keep using such blades to cut wood, the wood may start chipping on the edges. But with carbide saw blades, there is nothing to worry about as such. It is also highly durable due to resistance to dullness.

Forty teeth in a saw blade are very much systematic for a smooth edge on the woodcut. It is 4-3/8″, which is not only handy but also easy to use. If you are buying this blade alone without the saw, it will also be trouble-free to install on the saw.

The saw blade is made in China. You can call it eligible enough to fit in the criteria for cutting laminate flooring with miter saw.

2. Best for Longer Time Use: Bosch DCB1072 Daredevil 10-Inch 72-Tooth Laminate Flooring, Laminated Panels, and Melamine Circular Saw Blade

Another carbide made saw blade, but this one is a lot bigger than the previous one. The Daredevil saw blade by Bosch is a 10-inch circular saw blade. It comes with 72 teeth and blue. Bosch has accumulated the new microgram formulation in its blade to give the carbide a longer lifetime.

Even though the teeth are carbide made, the blade body is built with extra hardened steel. It gives more leverage on the wood-workers hand with high durability to the blade. The saw blade has thinner kerf to produce less sawdust and more work.

I have seen a lot of wood-worker with an allergic reaction to sawdust. This saw blade is mainly targeted for them. You can still use it without having the condition because it calls for the best saw blade for laminate flooring.

It has a negative hook angle. It means the teeth are positioned more backward than the saw blade rotation. It adds to the higher life of the blade and prevents chipping of the wood slice.

3. Best for Quality: Freud D1216LF PCD Laminate Flooring Blade

If you want to go for something high-end with outstanding quality, this saw blade is just for you. Although it is smaller and has a lesser tooth count than the previous ones, it can give you a woodcut with zero chips.

It is common for wood-workers to feel a vibration while using a saw blade in a saw. Many newbies even fear touching these tools for accidents. But this is made of an anti-vibration system. It will save a lot more vibration than regular saw blades.

The saw blade has 16 teeth, to be exact. They are made of polycrystalline diamond to provide durability and longevity to saw blades. This saw blade has been winning many hearts over the years for its unconditionally high features.

The simple structure of this blade is suitable for someone who is looking for a handy blade. It is not too heavy to carry around and also very easy to install. You can easily lay approximately more than 2000sq laminate floor with it.

4. Best for Easy Installation: SKIL 75536 Carbide Flooring Blade, 4-3/8″

Another one from the top-notch brand in the field of manufacturing saw blades, Skil. It offers all the special features any other Skil saw blade offers with a lesser teeth count. This saw blade is also made of carbide with towering strength.

It has 36 teeth, to be precise. So, it is even handier than the 40T saw blade. The 4-3/8″ saw blade is trouble-free to install in a Skil-3600 saw as well. The body of the saw blade has anti-friction particles in it. A saw blade goes through a lot more vibration and friction than it seems from the outside.

Only the worker handling it can understand. There are many brands offering saw blades that get spots and scratches on their body over time. It is neither pleasing to look at nor useful for the durability of the blade.

The anti-friction feature is such a groundbreaker in this matter. Triple chip grind teeth also add more cherry to the top in this regard. It is, indeed, the best saw blade for hardwood.

5. Best for Durability: Freud D1296L Diablo Melamine, Laminate Flooring, and Wood Saw Blade

Saved up one of the best by Freud for the last. This saw blade is not only made of regular carbide like all the other saw blades mentioned beforehand. It is mixed with cobalt that gives a longer life for the edge as a whole.

It has all the other unique features a Freud saw blade has to offer. It comes in multicolor with 96-teeth, to be exact. It is so far the highest teethed saw blade with fantastic quality. The blade teeth are anti-chip manufactured for the most delicate cut without chipping edge.

It is also a thin kerf blade. Even after being larger and having more teeth, it is easier to work with because of that feature. Once you start cutting laminate wood with it, there is no going back.

All of these fantastic facilities of this saw blade are offered with a limited lifetime. If you are thinking of cutting laminate flooring with circular saw, this saw blade will be the fittest. Also, you may use this saw blade for melamine project.

Saw Blade Buying Guide :

Saw blades are such sensitive tools to buy to fit a saw. You have to balance between a lot of things before buying. A well-balanced saw blade can give you the dream decoration for your own house, whereas an imbalanced one may ruin it all, sometimes even cause accidents.

Here goes a concise guideline to follow to get your hands on the blades for cutting engineered wood flooring:

Teeth count:

The first thing one sees while buying a saw blade is the teeth of it. The teeth are the parts that make a saw blade a blade. You cannot call a saw blade useful if the teeth are not working correctly, not sharp enough, or creating more fuss that good.

Best Saw Blade For Cutting Engineered Wood Flooring.

The teeth count has to be according to the type of job you expect to do with the saw blade. If you want a fast-cutting blade, then go for a lower teeth count. On the other hand, if you want a slight cutting edge, then go for a lower teeth count. On the other hand, if you want a slight cutting edge, then go for the higher teeth count.

You can also get these features combined, but that may cause you to spend a more massive chunk of money.


While slicing wood materials, many smaller wood slices fall on the floor. It is not only messy for the environment but also for the worker. These wood pieces are called wood chips, and there are saw blades explicitly made to reduce the portion of it.

The saw blades have small spaces in between the teeth. These are called gullets. The gullets help to decrease the number of chips, sometimes even lower it to zero.

Blade kerf:

It is the size of the saw blade teeth. There are thin kerf blades, and there are thick kerf blades. Although both are useful for a different purpose and personal preference, it is better to go for the thin kerf blades.

Thinner kerf saw blades help to move the saw faster on a thick wood board. These are also suitable for the longevity of the edge.


Most of the best saw blade for cutting hardwood flooring are ruling the market for having high steel carbide. Carbide is the best material to build the most robust saw blades. These days manufacturers are also using blend materials to design saw blades for adding more life to them.

Frequently asked questions:

There are a lot of dilemmas that roams around ticket free in a buyer’s mind. Here I will be trying to answer some of those common questions that includes finding the ultimate saw blade for the best saw for cutting engineered wood flooring:

Going for the best saw blade may not be a piece of cake as it seems. Before purchasing one for your saw, you have to keep in mind what type of job you are asking from it.

The best saw blades are the ones that have the perfect teeth count of slicing up your wood flooring. It can be high or low but make sure to buy the one with the ideal balance between fast and satisfactory work.

Sharp teeth for saw blades are a must while cutting wood. When the blade gets dull, it tends to burn the wood instead of doing the work it is here to do.

The sharpness and dullness both depend a lot on the material the saw blade is made of. The popular brands mentioned above ensure you with the best hardwood saw blade that does not create much hassle.

All of the saw blades mentioned above are carbide saw blades. Not only that, but it is also a smart decision to buy a saw blade with carbide material for the most substantial cut and a lifetime of the blade.

There is a lot of fuss to deal with once this carbide blade turns dull. You can easily change that fate by sharpening the blade. You can also replace it, but that will charge way higher than sharpening it.

But sharpening a saw blade is not a DIY job. A saw blade has to be sharpened from every angle with a high-quality diamond grinder. To stay on the safer side, you should go for a professional. You can keep sharpening your saw blade until the entire blade gets damaged.

Useful Tips For Installing Engineered Wood Flooring

Final words:

These days people are more acquainted with getting almost everything done by themselves than going to a professional. Working on wood flooring is no exception in this regard. It is imperative to know the best saw blade for cutting wood flooring not only for people developing a new hobby in this but also for the wood-workers.

When I was on the buyer’s shoe, I used to think it is only necessary to know about the saw I am working with. After working on my own for a long time, I have concluded that the saw blade is the one that does all the wonders. Hopefully, this article will be enough step-by-step version for all the buyers who are thinking of going for the best among the best in the field of saw blades.