Best Belt Driven Table Saw Reviews 2021

Saw is a useful material that is used for cutting any kind of thing. It has been invented a very long time ago when there was the necessity of things to cut. Sometimes, some hard objects become very difficult to cut by using the saw. As the earlier saws are used by hands, it takes a lot of time and effort to cut the objects. Therefore the advanced type saw is used. There are so many types of saws available to use for many purposes. In our topic, we will talk about the best belt driven table saw and some of its brands.

Best Belt Driven Table Saw

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Product Name



Powermatic 2000B 10" Table Saw


Jet 708675PK 10" Deluxe XACTA Saw


Powermatic PM23130K 3HP 1PH 230V


Grizzly Industrial G0771Z


Delta 36-5100T2 Contractor Table Saw


So what is a belt driven table saw?

There is a different kind of saws available in the market. Some of the saw is big, some are small. Some are very powerful and some of them produce good power. The belt driven table saw is one of them. It is a large sized saw compare to the other saw. There is V shaped belt used in this saw that runs the blade with the power of electricity. Some of the belt driven table saw are run by using the motor. But they are not often seen. This saw is the best thing to use in sawmills. As there is a lot of trees, they will take a lot of time if they have to cut by other things. But the table saw is perfect to cut the tree and woods to use for various purposes.

The system that runs the table saw is the pulley system. It helps to pull up the belt in the V system and generates power to the blades. Let's know about some of the brands of the belt driven chain saw below:

1.Powermatic Table Saw

The Powermatic table saw belongs to the brand named Powermatic. It weighs almost 750 pounds. The color of this table saw is light yellow with the matte finish upper part. The power source of this machine is 2 horsepower. The total power it can generate is 7.5 horsepower. It is an ideal table saw to use for hard wood and objects. The table saw contains the belt drive system of poly-v that gives a very perfect and easy operation while working. For changing the blades fast and properly, there is a push button with the arbor lock used in the saw. For getting the exact cut from the desired angle, there is an angle indicator used in the saw. They can be adjusted according to the shape and the angle. It can be the best choice for those, who are the beginner in wood work and crafting sector.

Key Features:

  • Made from the high quality stainless steel frame and material
  • The total drive system contains a Poly-V chain that is very functional and perfect for the work
  • Push button with the arbor lock for changing the blades immediately when needed while cutting
  • Has the angle indicator that helps to cut the wood at any kind of desired shape or angle
  • Heavy duty trunnion used for ensuring better stability and balanced position all the time

2.JET Deluxe Table Saw

The JET Deluxe table saw run by electricity. There is an electric cord used in it which delivers the electric energy in the saw. The total weight of this saw is 490 pounds. It is available in single white color. It has the shrouded bleed used in it which helps to get a proper and perfect cut all the time. The best thing about this table saw it can run through any kind of electrical issue like power drop, voltage, etc. The quick releasing system of the riving knife can perfectly shift the knife for the work. Another good thing about this table saw is, it has a dust collector attached to it. The dust collector helps to cover all the dust easily so that the place don’t become dusted. The Poly-V type belt system is perfect to do any kind of operational work perfectly without any issue.

Key Features:

  • Very fast and powerful table saw
  • The Poly-V type belt system helps to get proper work and performance while operating
  • Contains a high quality build heavy duty drawer
  • Riving knife is quick enough to shift in another knife when cutting
  • Has a dust collector which can easily gather all kind of dust in it

3.Powermatic PM1000 Table Saw

Another table saw from the brand named Powermatic. It has a belt of 10 inches which is perfect enough to cut any kind of wooden or other objects. The total weight of this table saw is 330 pounds which are lower compared to other table saw. This table saw runs through the electric source. There is an electronic cord used in the saw that helps to connect with the electronic board. 115V connection is the requirement of the table saw while installing it. The exclusive accufence used in this table saw helps to provide better rigidity and perfect precision. The meter gauge used in this table saw helps to show an almost 60 degrees accurate cut of the slides. It also has a tool less guard assembly that ensures the best safety of the user when it is used.

Key Features:

  • Lighter in weight compared to other table saw
  • Changing of one handed blade is possible because of the arbor lock
  • Contain the handwheel of 7 inches which provide perfect momentum and better comfort
  • Made from iron with the iron cast which is perfect for the durability
  • Collectable hose with sharper blade for use

4.Grizzly Industrial Table Saw

The weight of this table saw is 400 pounds and it is manufactured by the company named Grizzly. This is a cabinet type table saw. It has the voltage capacity of 240 volts. The 3 horsepower motor can generate the maximum power of 3450 RPM. It is a single phase motor. The extension rate of this table is 45" X 27". The handwheel used in this table saw is enough big and large compare to the other table saw. It can quickly change from the riving knife to the guard of the blade. The total construction is sealed by the high quality iron cast. There is also a dust collector that is attached at the lower side of the table saw. This one can be a good choice to use in the house or sawmill. As it is small in size compare to others, it is perfect to use anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Has large sized table and handwheel compare to another table saw
  • Padlock and safety keys are available as the locker which are magnetic
  • Contains Poly-V serpentine belt in the saw which is perfect to provide better power with lower noise
  • T-slot attached in the table that can absorb the noise and keep the balance of the meter gauge
  • The table is made from solid iron cost which is very durable and long lasting

5.DELTA 36-5100T2

This table saw has the most beautiful color and design of the others. It has the perfect color mixture of black, blue, and grey in it. This table saw is powered by a 15 amp induction motor. This table saw can be count as the master of durability and stability compared to others. It has a handle the size of 30 inches that is used as the larger stocks. The belt used in the saw is very smooth and perfect to cut any kind of object with the lower sound. The fence system of this table saw has the biesemeyer style in it which helps to get smaller and precision cut in every usage

Key Features:

  • Powerful induction motor
  • Has the perfect and adjustable belt
  • Contains a handle the size of 30 inches
  • High performance biesemeyer styled fence for accurate and perfect cutting
  • 2 stamp steel made extension wings with cast iron made table

Buying Guide

A buying guide always leads a user to choose and have the best thing for him. The buying guide also helps to describe the best side of a product and the ways to judge it. Like other things, the belt driven table saw also has some best features to observe while buying one of them. And they have been given below:

Brand value: Brand value can directly lead you to buy the perfect and best table saw for you. As some of the brands are very popular in this sector, they also have the best product to them. Someone can go for those table saws after judging the brands and their demands properly

Quality: some of the table saw are made from high quality steel or aluminum. Some are made from iron. As the table saw will be used for the heavy duty work, it is good to go for an iron cast made table saw. Because the iron can easily absorb any kind of high or low level impact and last long

Easy belt adjustment: As the belt of the table saw is the main thing that runs it, the belt should have to be perfect enough and contain high quality material. There is some branded table saw which has the belt made of poor material. As a result, it gets bursts after some use. Therefore, make sure to buy a table saw that has high quality and adjustable chain.

Which one is Better? Direct Drive or Belt Drive Table Saw

The direct drive table saw is the kind of saw that has a motor used in it. There is a motor connected with the blade which operates it. All the power of the motor transfer into the blade which makes the saw more powerful. This type of driving system is more available in portable chain saws. As they generate the direct power from the motor, they are a little bit louder compared to the other table saws.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages highlighted of the direct drive saw


  • They are easy to use
  • Have High efficient
  • Need lower rate of maintenance
  • Contains low pricing compared to the others

And the disadvantages are:

  • They have the less accuracy of cutting
  • Contain a good chance of burning out
  • Low in power

Now, Let us talk about the Belt Driven Table Saw

The belt driven chain saw use the belt as their power generator. The belt gets connected with the blades of the saw. The blades run according to the speed and performance of the belt. They have the energy source of battery, motor or electricity.

Here some of the advantage and disadvantage of belt driven saw have been given


  • It is more powerful than any other type of saw
  • Perfect to use for getting accurate cuts from any angle
  • Durable enough and can last for long
  • Very few risk of burning out

And the disadvantages are:

  • It has a good maintenance cost
  • Need to have more space for using it
  • Sometimes the belt may have to repair or adjust which is a little bit messy to do

So we have talked about all the advantages and disadvantages of the belt drive saw and the direct drive saw. Judging both of them it is clear that, they are perfect for two different sectors. As the direct drive saw is smaller in size, it is perfect to use for the little type of cutting and activities. But the belt driven saw is perfect to cut any size and material easily. On the other hand, the directly driven saw can't make an accurate cut where the belt drive table saw is perfect for making accurate cuts at any angle and shape. So in my sense, if the maintenance cost is not an issue, then the belt driven table saw is the perfect one to use.

Who Makes the Best Jobsite Table Saw?

There is no specific or exclusive name or brand for the best job site table saw. Here are some of the best Jobsite table saw and brands listed below. They are listed in the top rank by judging on the performance, power, and ability. And the brands are:

1.MAKITA 10 inched table saw (known As the most powerful Jobsite table saw)

2.DEWALT Jobsite table saw ( The best compact size table saw)

3.SKILSAW table saw( best in the budget)

4.BOSCH Jobsite table saw( best heavy duty saw) and lastly

5. ROCKWELL tabletop saw( the smallest Jobsite table saw)

What is the Best Table Saw for Money?

There is a lot of tables saw available in the market. Each of them is best and perfect in some different sectors. Some are very much powerful, some are very light in weight, some have the best portability, etc. the best table saw for money indicates those types of table saws that can provide the best performance at the lower price. The best table saw for money is from the SKILSAW Company. The model of this table saw is SKIL 3410-02. It runs by using the electricity and the total weight of this table saw is 67 pounds only. It has the aluminum cast table used in it. The height capacity of 3-1/2 inches is perfect to cut any kind of material. The self aligning fencing system of the table saw helps to get the perfect and accurate cut whenever it is needed.

It can be considered as the best valued table saw. Because this table saw provides the best service and performance in the price. It is a perfect saw to buy on a lower budget.

 What is the Best Portable Table Saw in the Market?

The best portable table saw on market is the CRAFTSMAN 10" portable table saw. It is the best one for the proper portability with performance. It runs by using the high performance 15 amp induction motor. The best thing about this table saw it can be easily moved by using the wheels. This table saw has a right sided extension table in it. The stand used in the table saw can be folded whenever it is needed. For the latest functions and all the easy access abilities, this one surely deserves to be in the first place among all the table saw

Final words

The belt driven chain saw is a blessing for the creative wood workers and sawmill owners. They are perfect to use for cutting any kind of strong or normal level woods. As they are easy to operate by using the electricity source, they are very powerful and can generate enough pressure in the work. Just check up the belt from time to time and adjust the belt if it becomes loose. The sharp blade of the saw may become dangerous if the user doesn't follow the safety guidelines. So, it is a must needed duty to wear safety objects before using the table saw to cut anything.

Buy the belt driven system table saw and take your crafting creativity on woods to another level.

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