5 Best Wen Track Saw Reviews In 2021

Are you worried about your latest DIY wood project? I am here today with something you may need for a perfect cut on the woodblock lying around in your basement. A track saw is a tool well-heard by people who like to work with wood pieces. It can either be a DIY or a project. If you are looking for a fine cut, a track saw is a must. In my early ages, during college time, I picked out a hobby of working with woods. Luckily, some of my friends introduced me to Wen track saw back then.

Wen has made its name in the saw market while surpassing many other promising brands for producing power tools. But buying from them may seem a bit tricky if you are new in this section. So, here is Wen track saw review to enlighten your wood enthusiasm some more.

5 Best Wen Track Saw Reviews

Product Image

Product Name



WEN CT1065 10-Amp 6.5-Inch Circular Track Saw


WEN 10-Amp 6.5-Inch Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Track Saw


WEN 3620 5-Amp 3-1/2-Inch Circular Saw with Laser


WEN 3625 5-Amp 4-1/2-Inch Beveling Compact Circular Saw


WEN 3614 12 Amp Sidewinder Circular Saw


What is the first thing you do before buying a particular product? Research about them, of course, and part of it is looking at the reviews for a better understanding. Here go some reviews of some particular Wen track saws Or wet tile saws in this regard.

1. WEN CT1065 10-Amp 6.5-Inch Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Track Saw

Let's start with one of the best from the line, Wen CT1065. This one is not just a sturdy, quality-made track saw, rather you are getting it at a low price. The saw comes with a base and saw blade supported by some controlling knobs and kickback protection. The base is made of steel yet not too heavy to handle. It is more than 12inches in size, supporting all the other parts of the saw. The blade is 6.5inches with 45 carbide teeth. It can easily glide through and cut off up to 2.5inches on a wood board.

The motor power of the saw is one of the strongest even after being so affordable. The 10-Amp motor comes with the capability of 5500rpm that means it can rotate the blade 5500 times in a minute. You can also do a 45degree bevel cut with it. There are in total four knobs that will control the track saw as a whole. The two knobs at the base are there to fit the saw with the track saw. The other two knobs are there to provide choices among what type of cuts you want for your project. It ranges among plunge cut, scoring cut, and blade changes.

The track saw also has a dust protection hose at the back. The hose will hold all the waste bags of dust and chips while working with it. You can get the highest job done by removing the kickback protection as suggested by most users. Also, getting Powertec tracks  may enhance the saw capability.


  • High power motor system.  
  • Sturdily built saw that can withstand pressure.
  • It provides ranges for different cuts.
  • The blade is not too heavy.


  • The knobs are made of cheap plastic which, in rare cases, may break down.  

2. WEN 10-Amp 6.5-Inch Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Track Saw & Oshlun SBFT-1600482.

When Wen manufactured their previous product, as mentioned in the article, there were many customer reviews about how the blade is setting back one or two activities of the saw. As a result of those reviews, Wen decided to come up with a bundle that will satisfy everyone. This one comes with the same previous track saw with a 165mm Oshlun blade. It is a two-in-one offer at a budget-friendly price. When it came out in the market, many people thought it would have a sky high price since you are getting two types of the blade with one track saw.

But Wen has kept down the price while maintaining the same quality of the product with a high rate of success. The track saw enables you with five different kinds of cuts. It includes ripping plywood, long precision cuts, plunge cuts, trimming doors, and making furniture. If the 165mm blade it comes with does not quench your thirst, you may go with the 160mm carbide tooth Oshlun blade. The blade has hooks with a 5-degree angle. It is also fit for Festool TS 55 EQ or ATF 55 E, DeWalt DWS520 and Makita SP6000K.

The integrated blade of the track saw often hampers the scoring cut process. The Oshlun blade is great to overcome that. The track saw also has a 10-Amp motor that can rotate the 48 carbide teeth blade 5500 times per minute making it 5500rpm.


  • Budget-friendly bundle.  
  • The motor is extremely powerful.
  • It can be used to give a variety of cuts.
  • The blades can fit a range of track saws.


  • The knobs are made of plastic which, in rare instances, may break off.  

3. WEN 3620 5-Amp 3-1/2-Inch Plunge Cut Compact Circular Saw with Laser, Carrying Case, and Three Blades

As you can say by the title, Wen has accommodated almost all the things you might be needed for not only plywood but also tile cutting. This Wen 3620 compact circular saw is smaller in size than the previous ones mentioned but is packed with many wonders. Let’s jump straight into that. The circular saw comes with three different blades such as an HSS metal blade, a diamond-coated blade, and a carbide-tipped blade. Three of these blades are there to perform three different functions such as floor cutting, tile cutting, and woodcutting, respectively. All these blades can cut through 1-⅛ inches thick due to the retractable plunge shoe.

The handle of the saw is short for a comfortable grip. You can move it in any direction according to the workspace. One of the fundamental problems people come up with is not being able to keep the lines straight while cutting. As a solution, Wen has put a laser on top of the blade portion. The laser will help with showing the way for finer cuts. Since the saw is smaller in size and has a compact action, the motor is also built with half the strength as the previous one to fit the accommodation. It is a 5A motor that can rotate the 3-1/2inches blade 4500 times per minute. So, you can say this track saw has 4500rpm.The entire package comes in a case. So, it will be easy to protect and carry around. Wen track saw Amazon is also giving this off with a low-price.


  • The compact package is hassle-free to carry. 
  • It helps with more straight cuts by the laser.
  • It contains different blades for a variety of cuts.
  • Short handle for a comfortable grip.


  • It comes with a US plug. 
  • The handle is not suitable for most cuts.

4. WEN 3625 5-Amp 4-1/2-Inch Beveling Compact Circular Saw with Laser and Carrying Case

Wen received much criticism with their Wen 3620 about how the laser does not help with a straight cut and all. As a sequence, Wen decided to develop something almost similar but excluding all the negativity possible. The Wen 3625 looks the same as the 3620 with some internal changes. It has the same 5A motor but with 3500rpm. That means the 24 tooth carbide-tipped 4-1/2inches blade can be rotated 3500 times per minute by the motor.

Here the strength of the motor is less due to the bigger size of the blade. Also, the blade can go highest 1.5inches thickness which is also less than the Wen 3620. It is furnished with the same laser at the top with higher function. This time, the laser does get the job done with a straight cut. It jewels a shorter handle for easy grip. You can move the track saw in any way while cutting woods, tiles, floor, or plywood. The dust retractor hose is connected at the back of the saw to get rid of all the extra wastage made from the wood cutting.

One minus point is that the saw is heavier than its construction. The package presents a carrying bag where you can put the saw away from outer machines and can carry it around anywhere. You are also getting all of these at an unimaginable low price for the quality.


  • The laser assists with straight cuts. 
  • The dust hose helps to get rid of chips.
  • A bevel cut is possible.
  • Simple carrying process.


  • In rare cases, the blade may be absent from the saw.  
  • The saw is heavier than the size.

5. WEN 3614 12 Amp Sidewinder Circular Saw

One of the main issues people look for in saws is how heavy it is since they will be entirely handled manually. Even though most of the brands promise to manufacture a lighter saw with a higher balance, they end up failing in keeping that. Wen has brought their sidewinder circular saw to end that ordeal. Here, the motor directly mounts with the blade from the side, which explains the naming. As a result, the heaviness of the entire unit comes down to 7.6pounds. It is quite manageable for a grownup.

The orange color machine comes with two varieties of the cutting process. It furnishes with a 24 tooth carbide-tipped blade. The blade can be easily changed and put in the tool. The saw accompanies a track saw quick clamp as well. You can produce two different types of cuts using this. One is where you can produce a 45degree bevel cut with 1-13/16inches depth. Another is a 90degree straight cut with 2-7/13inches thickness.

The circular saw is well protected inside a body to prevent any accident. Adding the cherry on top, there is also a blade guard to protect the user from unwanted cuttings. It has four different knobs to adjust the blade however you expect it to function.


  • Lighter than most circular saws.  
  • It prevents any type of accident.
  • The blade is sharp.
  • Strong motor function.


  • It does not have any dust retractor.  

Buying Guide

There are certain things you need to keep an eye on while purchasing any mechanical tool. If you do not go through a guideline at least once, you might be in trouble for throwing money on something that has less value than promised. Here I have come with some keynotes to follow with the Wen track saw review before buying one.

Size of the Blade

The higher the size of the blade, the deeper it can cut through. The blade length depends mostly on the type of work you are willing to do with your track saw. Blade lengths range from 6-½ inches to 8-½ inches. The first one can cut through 2inches thick while the second one goes much deeper.

RPM Level:

RPM stands for revolution per minute. It is the only way you can understand how strong a motor is. Motor strength cannot be informed by the Amp rather how fast it can rotate the blade on a surface. It is calculated per unit time. Most of the motors come with 3000-4500rpm. These are the perfect ranges to go through a woodblock. The higher the RPM, the greater the speed and finer the cut.

Motor Power

You need to have an idea about motor power while looking at track saw reviews. The power of the motor determines how powerful and strong your tool is. The higher the power, the stronger material it will cut through. It is calculated by Ampere.

Wen track saws come with a variety of motor powers ranging from 5A to 10A. Although it is better to choose track saws with more than 9A motor power, anything less than that is best for DIY projects. Giant loads of work can be done by a motor with power ranging from 12A-13A.

Bevel Cut

It is the angular cut produced by track saws. Straight cuts may often feel bored while cutting wood, even tiles. Angular cuts bring about much creativity and often are perfect for producing an expected cut.

Bevel cuts can range from 0-49degrees, Wen track saws come with 45degrees bevel cuts that provide a finer and sharper edge at the end. It also comes with 90degrees of straight cuts. Both of these are equally necessary for a perfect wood project.


Dust retractor: A dust retractor hose comes with a saw that can be attached while working. It will take down all the extra chips and wastes. As a result, you will not have to deal with dust lying around when finished.You can also remove it to clean the entire tool.

Kickback protection: While using a track saw, the speed may often get slower automatically and the saw can retrieve backward. It is a very usual occurrence but sometimes can lead to accidents and delay to work. To prevent that, some track saws come with kickback protectors.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some of the common confusions people face after going through the Wen track saw review:

Who Makes The Best Track Saw?

Best is a subjective word used to determine the quality of an object. Some best come with sky-high prices yet others are affordable.

Wen makes quality track saws at the most economical price possible. If you want to go higher, there are brands like Makita, Festool, and Dewalt.

How Do You Use a Wen Track Saw?

If you have gone through the circular track saw and are willing to buy one, you may as well get a clear idea about how to use one. Using a Wen track saw is so simple that even the first-timers may get comfortable with it. At first, the blade has to be attached to the saw. The saw comes with a handle by which you can push the blade downwards to the working surface. There is a knob that has to be pressed and kept down for the blade to function. The 45degree rotator determines how much angular cut and thickness the blade will cut.

Is the Festool Track Saw Worth It?

Such questions arise when brands sell track saws at a high price. The answer is affirmative about Festool track saw. It can provide versatile cuts with grand quality. The precision cuts are so fine that you will be amazed by the results.

It is lightweight and can move in every direction without much hassle. The track saw comes with a high-power motor that can cut through even the strongest material. The Festool track saw is indeed worth every penny.

Can a Festool Track Saw Replace a Table Saw?

Festool track saws can replace a table saw with their versatility. A track saw can provide longer and precise cuts, whereas the table saw is the opposite.The table saw is also heavier than the track saw. So, you cannot carry it around easily. Festool track saw, with its many different features has made it possible to replace a table saw. The long precision cuts can be easily reversed while using as a table saw.

Should I Buy a Table Saw or Track Saw?

A table saw is larger and heavier than a track saw. So, if you are working in a shop and have a larger space, you can go with a table saw. The table saw has to be seated on a particular surface from where it will not move much. Also, the ample space will support the table saw better. Again, if you are working on a solo project in a smaller space, I would suggest buying a track saw. These are hassle-free and portable and easily accommodated in a small space.

Another thing that should be kept in mind is the type of cuts you are expecting from your saw. For repeated deep cuts, table saws are the best among the bunch. But for long precision cuts, there is nothing better than a track saw.

Is Festool Better Than Makita?

You might be wondering which track saw is best. Although both of the brands have their advantages, Festool has surpassed Makita in many aspects. One is better quality and another is the longer warranty. The Festool is made of German tools that promise lifetime durability. Makita, the Japanese brand, also has high standards but not as much as Festool. This is also why Festool is way more expensive than Makita.

Why is Festool so Expensive?

Festool may be one of the most, if not the most, expensive tool companies currently ruling the market. You may wonder what magic does this brand have to cause such ruckus in their price range. Here are some of the point to support that statement:

They have better quality products that go a long way. They provide a longer warranty that comes with amazing customer service. Festool track saws provide the most versatile cuts on any type of surface. They can even replace table saws.

Final Thoughts

When you are into something that includes heavy mechanics, you know it is not going to be a piece of cake. The tools that are needed to know about while buying a track saw are also high. You do not want to lose a bunch of money in that process. It is necessary to have information about brands that manufacture such products. The best type of information can be gathered from the most honest reviews and humble opinions.

To save yourself some drama, this article has showcased Wen track saw review. Also, how to buy them and what are the things you need to keep in mind before getting one. Hopefully, the next track saw purchase will be a better success.

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